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CS (CS) 4554 v1.6 Chinese version CS1.6 Chinese | download version of the official CS (CS) 4554 The score: 8

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The game is introduced

CS is the abbreviation of Counter-Strike, Chinese: Counter Strike In 2001, a game was born, it is called the "Counter Strike", when the game player can use the mad pursuit of degree of superheating to describe, all Internet cafes are almost in a very short time to install inside the game, even it is no exaggeration to say that all of the computer, there are at least ninety-five per cent of the above installation or still install a counter strike, a time of a fierce gunfight high streets and back lanes, game player are the same topic discussed by common consent, blindly, Paowei, jilt gun - kill, ballistic etc.. If the 2001 and then in 2002 called the computer game industry elite, estimated that a little too much.

Counter Strike CS1.6 Chinese version introduction:

In fact, the prototype "Counter Strike" is just a name of "half life" the first shooter Pass game The expansion of the system, the legend is the two foreign game player by using "interest system of half life" such a fun thing, probably no one expected at that time, the unofficial small thing will become popular around the world in a very short period of time, in 2001 to become the hottest game. "Counter Strike" success once again shows a truth of the circle of game, game player only know oneself want is what kind of game, and game player only contact close or itself is the game player game developers, game player can really make love game. "Counter Strike" in the picture was not the most beautiful, it can be said that almost no plot and music, but it was a success, only one reason: fun.

CS game in multiplayer mode still set up two teams against each other team. But the purpose of the game seems to be stronger: in TFC, the blue team and red flag team in the traditional mode of "killing each other just endless"; while in CS, game player will have the opportunity to play a brave and courageous pioneer &mdash — law enforcement; become a member of the anti terrorist commando, if you have enough hard enough, "bad" or if you own in order to achieve a "sin may never achieve the dream" (I never realized), you can join in the middle of a terrorist group heinous, and will become a police forever in the hearts of the "nightmare" — — assassination, explosion, robbery, kidnapping will be you, a part of the daily lives of armed thugs!

Because the game is used in "half life". Game engine So, the game picture details, lighting effects, music sound is also no need too much introduction. Although the CS game mode with the famous "SWAT POLICE simulation game" series is quite similar (the latest works for our newly introduced electronic "SWAT III: near the house, but the two combat") in essence is a big difference: in a "III" task SWAT scene. SWAT players have to face only by computer artificial intelligence control and CS in the justice on behalf of anti terrorist commandos are facing the "human bandits" challenge. So in the game Choice Very popular, "box office" anti terrorist activities as the theme of the game, and to the network Multiplayer games As the only mode of gameplay, with a powerful Half-life game engine, no wonder a lot of contact with the game of their first game player demo Feel: there is probably the world's most fun online multiplayer game! To be or not to be

All the game player in the first time after entering the game, imagine the moment and immediately there will be a fierce battle scene. But on the contrary, in front of a game player Shopping Model: each new entry game player will get a certain amount of money, you can use these money to buy their own best known weapon. Of course, you can buy the type of weapons will be your choice of the restrictions of a party, for example, the police could not carry "notorious repute AK-47 submachine gun" on the streets. If you had plenty of money, you can also buy some such as helmets, like body armor armor (set in black stockings on the head of the terrorists is free, if you choose to join the ranks of the terrorists).

CS now as many world-class E-sports games appear in front of you that it is not only a game and become a lot of people work career. Now more and more people began to cry for it and smile at it.

Raiders game:

ASDW -W before moving direction
Q select just weapons -S
The use of E, and rescue the hostages to disarm bombs left -A
R reload right -D ammunition
T paint (logo) -SPACE
Y on talking to all the main gun -1
U on the same team to -2 pistol
F Flashlight -3 knife
G (to throw the weapon on the ground picking weapons) bomb -4
ZXC communication key
At the beginning of each agency to buy weapons menu B
M to choose to participate in the team
Buy the main gun ammunition.
. The purchase of handgun ammunition
CTRL squats
Space jump
View the list, ranking TAB

The version of the game shows:

The official 1. 4554 (16:05:41 Jun 15 made the original extraction of 2009 4554);
2. uses software package technology, green installation;
Adding new 3. crack patch, support server brush;
4. according to the "national E-sports competition rules" to modify the GUI advanced options;
The 5. contains the official ZBOT can choose to close or open through the conversion of the BOT patch;
6. modify the key selection menu buy gun and fast switching weapons;
7. modify the login page;
The 8. official Chinese error correction;
9. modify and strengthen the official H menu;
10. page version tips;
11. forced 32BIT file;
12. retention of official advertising;
13. keep the original config file;
14. join the official map that Chinese simplified file translation;
The 15. file contains the interface conversion, can be set according to your hobby game language;
16.GUI interface using a smoke bomb forced the best game player;
17. add the following map:
18. Copyright: Valve Software company has;


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