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Fast thunder v1.0.18.200 the latest version of the official | speed version of thunder Fast thunder The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Thunder

When it comes to download tool, familiar with Thunder , QQ cyclone . The number of resources, or Thunder Priority. But for ordinary users, the thunder tied too much advertising, subscription priority download speed. This time, the thunder officially launched Thunder Ultimate Edition The first edition, version V1.0.1.16, bid farewell to the plug-in advertising, Download speed.

It is reported that the VIP version of the development team up to create a streamlined version, the new version of the amazing race, not only to optimize upgrade The download speed, interface layout and the new revision, so that users can relax and enjoy the thunder download speed experience. In addition, the biggest feature is refreshing simplicity, without VIP account, no ads, no extra free cloud seeding, file, memory footprint That is the master machine necessary dongdong.

Speed version of thunder — the world's fastest speed download engine again, 2 million users Choice Most users download, understand.

Fast thunder:

Yes, this is the new version of the fast thunder, thunder finally realized because of its huge, as well as the user's bandwidth is more and more big, the demand for thunder friends less and less, and even spurned. Card, advertising. In spite of Thunder Lite However, the function of castration is too much, this version has no castration, new UI, hope you all love. Anyway, the small green resources network Thunder 7 The official version of change. And you don't need to find aunt streamlined thunder 7.

Speed version of thunder characteristics:

* installation of lightning
Models of complex installation process, default settings give you the most intelligent, painful farewell, speed start

* fast acceleration
P2P acceleration module resident, priority queue acceleration, speed version is faster

* artisan mentality
Excellence, hide some advanced features, remove some of the plug-in advertising. Strive to do your best to understand the thunder

Update log:

Fast thunder V1.0.10.102 official version of the update log:

1, "private space" with the thunder account, different account of the "private space" content independently

2, "private space" can customize the storage directory

3, "private space" set to retrieve the password security questions and answers"

Amendment 4, details of improvement and problem

Today, the thunder team sent tenth speed version of thunder test version, version synchronization upgrade to v1.0.10.94. This update adds the left column refreshing turned "function, adjustment of many products in detail and correct the problem, greatly enhance the user experience, interested can download.

Thunder Ultimate Edition V1.0.100 content improved:

1, change function:

• add the left column refreshing change function

• task list context menu to add mobile tasks to function, support mobile task files to the specified directory or private space

2, to improve the details:

• upgrade thunder by manually click Check for update mode, the thunder will start automatically after the upgrade is complete

• configuration panel detail settings "renamed" advanced settings"

• in the thunder before the start of the thunder started to copy the download link, and the task of creating successful, will be empty Clipboard The next time you start, avoid repeat create task

• when repeated task is created, click the message on the "view" button will automatically jump to the task of the task list

3, revised:

• modified click "thunder application", press Alt+Tab, redundant "function Daquan" window.

Thunder Ultimate Edition March 25th update, the optimization of complicated installation process, default settings give you the most intelligent, painful farewell, speed start; P2P acceleration module resident, priority queue to accelerate, hide some advanced features, remove some of the plug-in advertising, and strive to do your best to understand the thunder.

Function change

1. of the default adjustment interface details under the skin

2. optimize the display logic diagram suspended window and not download suspension window

3. increase the automatic upgrade mechanism

4. increase the upload speed limit of TP process when the resident (currently 30KB/s)

5. add back private space function

6. simplified

Change the 7. BT panel UI

8. details page information module switch does not need to support the mouse scroll, click switch to

9. remove the thunder application: sent to the roommate, see beauty studio, great Webpage Game

The details of the improvement

1. landing window on the upper left corner of the text is not correct

2. "delete" before the change of icon mill

3. not open high-speed channel, offline, text before blue logo, after the opening of the green

4. floating window right click "open file" to "recently completed"

5. axis coordinate floating window is too small, the speed curve of serrated serious

The thunder 6. main interface default size 955x700 to 955x637

7. line extension bar in front of the icon modified material

8. adjust the offline toolbar button interval

The 9. page details the scrolling speed change slowly

10. modify cloud seeding button text

The 11. increase in BT file list - > file type title box default size

12. new panel shadow border adjustment

To solve the problem

1. floating window download mode did not follow the main program changes

2. "sort" download drop-down menu position error

3. login box garbled problem

4.button controls no longer remove default display focus box

5. repair floating window menu options have recently completed sub task title appears Chinese garbled bug

6. check to the running thunderbolt is exclusive edition, do not pull the ThunderNewtask.exe

The magnetic chain panel 7. amendment has not pulled out the browser, click on the other links can play the script error problem

8. repair floating window extended window velocity inconsistency and speed value of the status bar

9. configuration panel shortcuts conflict correction

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

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