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The latest version of CloneCD v5.3.4.0 version of the green free CloneCD Chinese crack version download | The latest version of CloneCD The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: CloneCD Disc tool

CloneCD green version Is a multifunctional CD copy Tool has a copy of CD or DVD file format, and is a complete copy, not missing things, convenient installation, easy operation, need friends to download it quickly!

Software introduction

CloneCD is a SlySoft, CD, DVD replication tool based on Raw model developed by Inc., regardless of whether or not CD is protected or encrypted like CloneCD, Chinese free version can quickly copy CD, DVD disk function, whether it is data CDs or music, video discs can be completely copied.

 CloneCD Chinese cracked version

The new version of CloneCD features

1 new features: /DVD SafeDisc 3 CD copy protection

2 new features: 3 simulated SafeDisc (weak sectors) weak Road

3 new features: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, copy DVD+RW, DVD+R, Dual Layer and DVD-RAM

4 new features: support.Dvd "file" image format, this format can work in the FAT32 partition, and is compatible with the VirtualCloneDrive

5, new features: support for other applications (such as: Nero, DVD2One, DVDShrink or CloneDVD) produced by.Iso and.Udf format

CloneCD green version features

1. can use CD/DVD CD-ROM, or CD-ROM virtual hard disk;

2. intelligent user interface makes it easier for beginners to use!

3. default settings in the configuration file for a large number of pre.

4. especially for experienced users to prepare options.

5. proved stable and fast, does not require any ASPI driver.

Technical support and customer service 6. outstanding.

7. the first use of RAW mode;

8. in the CD-R and CD-RW can be used to create a faithful backup;

9. weak sectors (Weak Sectors) - used for CD recorder choice;

10. weak sectors (Weak Sectors) - used for CD recorder all;

11. applies to CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW;

12. burn music CDs with red book (Redbook standard);

13. the taskbar icon can be controlled using insert disc function.

Update log

1, support engraverecords created with AnyDVD.Dvd file;

2, by default, will create a ISO image file read DVD media;

The display buffer information 3, write ISO image file;

4 security vulnerabilities and repair the driver interface;

5, some of the problem of small fixes and improvements

Note: compressed packets containing crack. Patch some anti-virus software as a virus, in fact there is no problem, ease of use.

Software screenshot

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