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Software label: Clear word English study

Clear word Is an English word Learning software And is committed to the broad masses of users to create a convenient platform for learning English, is the most authoritative learning materials here, let you save time and effort, every word has a label phonogram let you remember the words twice, do not read the word, help you to read out, in-depth analysis of reading, let you easily learn whenever and wherever possible. Welcome to friends in the green resources network download.


Clear word is a mature software for learning English words learning. Primary school, middle school, grade four, grade six, GRE, TOEFL, PubMed, SAT, IELTS, IELTS words. The voice clear, authoritative dictionaries, English words contain pictures. Text file format can be the same regardless of how the software like word list as the study content. The spelling and corresponding color. Phonogram generated MP3 file. Perfect record of word familiarity familiarity. According to the arrangement of learning large font. The interface is concise and lively. The operation at a glance.

 Clear word


1, can make the word pronunciation MP3 file for playback on MP3.

Integral records and test records 2, concise.

3, Chinese and English between two-way query.

4, careful design of the presentation of information, to avoid invalid stimulation, to avoid the interference of redundant information.

5 different words, syllable separation, training to promote natural pronunciation, word memory.

6, and with American English and British English International phonogram phonogram KK.

7, a variety of comply with the laws of cognitive learning, learning and training to effectively master the words of figural righteousness.

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