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Pull pull video show no watermark watermark to v4.5.5.0 cracked version enhanced version Pull pull video show crack version 2017| Pull pull video show no watermark version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Pull pull video show crack version 2017 is a pull pull the video show crack version download the installation package, the latest registration code version 2017, can be installed directly to use, perfect 4.5.5 version, this version is an enhanced version, unlock all functions, like to download experience!

Software introduction:

This is a must make you xiangjianhenwan GIF making software, put the video into GIF animation, convenient, quality hd. The specific use is very simple: using software transparent box, box live video content you need, you can click on start. What could be easier? You can also add delete frames, add subtitles, support custom watermark and so on. Every day on the Internet many micro-blog Animation, WeChat /QQ expression, you guessed it, many of them from the software!

The software function:

1, there is no need to download, grab directly in the video site video, HD GIF generation.

2, capture any area, any length of time animation, theoretically unlimited.

3, any change in video capture or GIF generated frame rate, build your fast or slow motion animation animation.

Add 4, support multiple text, GIF let the hero in the story that you want.

5, a copy of your generated GIF animation to QQ chat window, as your exclusive animated emoticons.

6, to edit subtitles.

7, all measured in support of online video network at home and abroad.

8, can you put all kinds of video files on the local computer into GIF.

Usage method:

The first step:

Run the "pull pull the video show" software is above the operating button, we first pre setting, click "more" button, Choice "Capture video frequency", "15 frames per second (" the greater the numerical GIF recorded more complete); select GIF file generation frame "--" the choice between the 15 frames / second "(this value is less than or equal to the above can only capture frame rate, the greater the value, the generated GIF picture even more through the greater); select" file down the GIF file size, choose according to need, the smaller the percentage, GIF images of the picture is smaller, the smaller the size of the GIF file.

The second step:

Open a video, if the video window is relatively large, we can appropriately reduce the window a bit.

The third step:

The front cut video show "in the video window, and then the middle of the upper left corner at the transparent area Video player The upper left corner of the screen, then press and hold the mouse "pull pull video show" in the lower right corner, then pull the frame, make the right alignment of video screen under the angle angle.

The fourth step:

Continue to play the video, if the "pull pull the video show to the player behind, we just click on the" pull pull video show "in the title bar to show video player in front, then wait until you need to record the place, click" start "button to start recording. I hope to the end of the click "end" to stop recording, the lower left corner will show a total record of how long, how many frames.

The fifth step:

Click the subtitle button, we can add subtitles on the GIF, we can add different subtitles in different frames, also can choose the font and color, add after closing the window on the line.

The sixth step:

Click the "generate GIF" button on the lower left corner indicate the conversion progress.

After the completion of conversion on the right side of the window will pop up a preview window, as long as we click on the "save" button, the GIF can be preserved.

To update the content:

1. can accurately control the generated GIF animation's width and height. (when the width and height is less than 240 pixels, the file is less than 400K, can be used as WeChat send animated emoticons)

2. modify a small problem introduced by 4.5.4

Software screenshot

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