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Master v2.3.1.2 WiFi share the latest official version WiFi official download | sharing master WiFi sharing master The score: 8

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Software introduction

WiFi share master A computer into a wireless router, sharing Free WIFI The tool. With it, let you always have free WiFi can be used to provide anti rub network, rejected all rub network. Quickly download experience!

WiFi sharing master introduce

WiFi sharing master a free WiFi hotspot sharing wireless software, using wireless LAN laptop or desktop sharing a wireless hotspot free, a key to open the WiFi sharing, let no wireless router users, one touch notebook computer into WiFi hot spots, intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer and other mobile devices for users free Internet and enjoy the fun of surfing the internet.

WiFi sharing master characteristics

The 1. operation is simple and easy to operate

2. support (deep LAN campus network, Ruijie Tianyi Telecom, etc.)

3.wifi shared signal stability, not intermittent network

4. Windows XP, win7, win8

5. green software, no installation, use directly

6. prevent rub network, hidden investigation

7. never charge

WiFi sharing master function

1. of the world's most cattle Campus Internet weapon

Support the client 99% national campus network, and easily share with Buddy network

2. from the free WIFI

Let the computer become a wireless router, let mobile phone Internet do not spend a penny

3. to rub network nowhere to hide

Easily identify all kinds of equipment, not your buddy? Then he pulled the black!

4. shutdown

A key to the timing of the hook, no longer climb

WiFi sharing master instructions

Create a free WiFi "button, this may be because your computer does not have a wireless network card to.

Remember to open the campus WiFi campus network operation mode select the upper right corner of the.

Update log

V2.3.1.2 update:

1. update end treatment on campus

2. problem repair a wifinat driver

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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