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PP assistant genuine mobile phone version of the official v6.0.9 version of Android PP assistant download and install | PP assistant genuine mobile phone edition The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: PP assistant iphone

PP iphone The original version 2018 Guangzhou Youshi network science and technology limited company for Android mobile phone production of mobile phone assistant, provide genuine massive resources to download, all resources are rigorously tested, safe and non-toxic, it is convenient to manage application. Quickly download experience!

Android PP assistant Genuine function

1. massive resources free access to intimate

According to user needs, adhere to a daily update a large number of resources, application of the latest, most hottest fire and popular games, funny ringtones, exquisite personalized wallpaper and so on, to provide one-stop free access to Android resources for hundreds of millions of Chinese users of Android services.

2. official genuine safe

All the shelves of green resources, no plug-ins, without any impurities, greatly reduce the user download security risk to install the application, the user equipment security and information security, can not only provide free Android download service for users, it allows users to access safe to use experience.

 Mobile phone PP assistant genuine Download

3. interface original intentions

The interface style beautifully minimalist and friendly interactive mode, showing the humanized design and intentions. Each column layout is intuitive and clear, resources, effectively avoid visual impairment caused by rich content; column switching, left, up and down sliding operation is not limited to procrastination, freely flowing style of writing, self respect user operation.

4. comprehensive resource management.

The multifunction application download, installation, update and unloading in one. exceed High speed download In the background of automatic download, can be automatically deleted after the installation package is installed. Support a key update all; intelligent reading software has been installed, users directly click uninstall operation simple, worry!

5. provincial traffic patterns and practical caring

Support the adaptation set provincial traffic patterns 2G/3G and WiFi under the network conditions, meet the needs of different users different habits, effectively prevent the misoperation, protect the user's browser download speed for users save traffic!

PP mobile phone assistant features

1. simple design fun experience

High quality resource aggregation platform, millions of applications as you choose.

2. intelligent search engine

What has the powerful search engine, for the application of quick step. What is the most, do you know mobile phone assistant.

3. ring Daquan

The most funny hot hit singles, the Divine Comedy TV series episode, the most funny Satin A button, for the bell, full of personality.

Four Installed the necessary

The new mobile phone application is too much trouble? PP assistant for you one click fix, not a drop of mainstream applications.

Update log

V6.0.9 update:

1. download send random double money, every day every day

2. programmer brother fixes some B UG The use of PP, more smooth

Developer: Guangzhou u-view Network Technology Co. Ltd.

Software screenshot

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