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QQ speed mobile phone version of the official genuine v1.10.0.12954 the latest version of Android Download and install the QQ Speed Mobile Games | QQ speed mobile phone version of the official genuine The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

QQ Download the latest version of Mobile Games coaster Is a Tencent Classic game QQ Speed Mobile Games version, pure play to Mobile Games drift transplantation, HD in the end Beauty 3D picture shows, game player in the mobile phone can really appreciate the passion and pleasure of severe drift racing, and around the drift open individual racing, racing team, individual props, props, team level play, so many game player can enjoy the pure color. Love can speed fine green resources to download!

Brief introduction of QQ Speed Mobile Phone Edition

"QQ speed" is the world's first mobile phone version of the Q version of the 3D real-time multiplayer online racing coaster Mobile Games really drift, float, double card, pull back the drift speed of core gameplay. Game track scene gorgeous, ingenious design, car styling variety, exquisite model, to create the ultimate racing experience. Dress up system versatility, meet the game player the private custom needs, the LBS based social system is more prominent.

 Tencent QQ Speed Mobile Phone Edition

Mobile phone QQ Speed game Pattern

Racing game player mode: participate in individual or team racing mode, to reach the end point to determine who is the first to win conditions. This is the main mode of the game, and most can show the competitive game model, can be used to drift, injection, small spray techniques in the racing process.

Prop mode: like racing mode, game player to participate in individual or team, who first reached end point for the victory conditions. The difference is in the course of the game, game player can use props box, contact the way to pick up items, and release the props, props and some functions are to protect themselves, or attack others.

Border pattern: there is a border channel in the game, the game player to represent their countries compete with each other. In the border channel to start the competition, the system will automatically match the game participants. The game player will win the border channel get rich rewards, but also for themselves and their country to win the honor.

The task model: in addition to learn and other game player does not stop and run away. The game than technology also provides the main tasks and daily tasks to get rich changing PVE experience, continue to challenge the higher requirements of game is put forward.

The couple mode: the game room up to 6 people, three bonus yellow and blue team. Two game player can only Gender different teams, divided into racing and props roles. Each group must have a racing game player, a game player props.

The story of the game

The game tells the story of the wind, and 3 speed meteors Fantasy Kingdom, advocating racing culture. The three countries of the drivers, in order to prove their strength, for their own national honor, mutual competition story. The game has a pet talent training, combat elements, also introduced the border war, the space shuttle race, the 48 playoffs, the king of track and other PVP play.

Update log

V1.10.0.12954 update:


1. "motorcycle" stadium debut, new forces!

2. new drama "the lost manuscript", a new gameplay puzzle!

3. new system "Medal of honor" out of print, permanent A car need to wait for you to take the baby!

On line 4. title system, unlock the title character.

5. new favorite, anniversary celebration carnival!

[Close] optimization

1. add cup props Hyun point.

A 2. increase in the backpack capacity.

More than 3. people in the room can "visit" to the other driver position interesting intimate interaction.

4. / meeting room list of new classic mode label screening function.

The new album 5. love lovers Anniversaries of important events New jade, wedding anniversary award.

6. repair cycles dropped game player settlement anomaly known issues.

7. repair super race turned the aircraft state some known B UG .

8. two Xian Xia theme track will join the qualifying and border model.

Mobile Games.

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