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The drive of life 6 V6.2.24.100 official version The drive of life official download 2014| The drive of life 6 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: The drive of life

The drive of life Two thousand and fourteen Have the driver library the most complete, the most stable driver is recommended, the latest experience, for you to solve all the problems of self driving, dynamic detection of your hard disk for you Choice The best driver.

Software introduction:

The drive of life Support all 2014 brands (such as Intel, nvidia/3DFX, AMD/ATI, VIA/S3, Realtek, C-Media, Marvell, ADI, IBM, Creative, Broadcom, Conexant, SigmaTel, Matrox) motherboards, graphics cards, sound cards, network cards, modems, printers, cameras, wireless, scanning Instrument, card reader, array card, Bluetooth, handwriting recognition, plate reader, USB, 1394, Bluetooth, Display, Image, MEDIA, Modem, Net, PCMCIA, SCSIAdapter, SmartCardReader, System, MODEM, serial and parallel ports and other equipment and drive. The drive of life 2014 supports 32 bit and 64 bit Windows intelligent hardware 2003 Windows test XP, Vista and windows 7 operating system and driver upgrade Function. In order to ensure the driving of intelligent online life detection and upgrade function can be used normally, you need to make sure your computer is connected with the normal internet. The computer will drive automatic detection software running, and can drive to install, update and backup of key processing.

Install protection software solutions and abnormal driver updates

In the use of the drive of life such as update driver driver update equipment failure or abnormal is very likely due to driving by some software to intercept to complete installation raises an exception.
If used 360 security guards or Super rabbit The 2010 version of the user in the drive. Please update the pause some of the services of the two software. Other types of software please close the corresponding comparison reference services. (direct exit or uninstall program is invalid)
If you shut down after driving still appears abnormal or cannot update phenomenon. Please contact customer service driven feedback. Using other software found driving interception phenomenon of users friends, welcome to contact with us by any means to report.
Three hundred and sixty Security guards In the version of 7.1.1 as an example
1. operation 360 security guards Choose a Trojan. firewall project
2. in the Trojan firewall system protection project close protection project 4-7
3. in the Trojan firewall settings to close 360 active defense service project
4.360 security guards version 7.3 right click the tray icon to exit can also be closed system protection project

The drive of life 2014:

1, integrity: the integrity of the driver data base At the same time, can install the driver and related software, more complete driver installation;
2, security: recommendations for the use of more precise driving mechanism, the driving more professional security updates;
3, the stability: complete matching of official and brand driven, support a large number of brands of laptops and desktops, the driver updates more stable;
4 simple: support one touch operation, solve computer driven problems become more simple and convenient;
5, fast: re structure the software structure, software startup, driver download faster, less resource occupancy;
6, comprehensive using hardware detection technology, hardware detection more comprehensive;
7, practical: a collection of commonly used software, the software installation is simple and practical;
8, visual interface: new revision, support skin function.

Update log:

Update log

1, adjust the drive query mechanism, solve the new dual graphics notebook cannot get the driver problem
2, modify the driver backup, restore and unloading rules, improve operation efficiency

The drive of life 6 update log

1, solve the key processing probability of flash back problems
2, to solve the XP system drive service failed to initialize the problem

The drive of life 6
1, modify the plug and play device driver installation state refresh
2, repair manual upgrade detection timeout problem

The drive of life 5
1, modify the settings synchronization problem
2, improve the initialization of network under the 64 bit system
3, modify the interface details

The drive of life 5 release notes
In 1, repair of the special environment of network initialization

Version: version
1, to solve the network boot is not normal initialization leads to incomplete information

Version: date: 2013-08-22
1, solve the initialization failure in the drive abnormal query version: [2013-07-26]
1, modify the matching rules of software, the software has been installed to solve the error detection
2, modify the hardware module startup sequence

Version: date: 2013-07-16
1, modify the popular software display mode
2, increase hardware detection micro-blog Share function

Version: date: 2013-06-28
1, perfect Windows 8.1 preview support
2, perfect Server 2012 preview version of R2 support

Note that this version is not NIC driver . if you haven't driven the card do not install this version.

If the card did not drive please download this with complete card driver version: Http://

The drive of life 6 update log

1, optimize the printer installation process
2, modify the driving strategy of disabled equipment

The drive of life 6 update log

Software screenshot

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Second, Fujian Quanzhou Unicom users guests Published: 2018/8/3 13:33:46
Update the driver is really very convenient, no longer have to find the driver installation package online

Support ( Zero ) Levy (reply)

The 1 building in Jiangsu Nanjing Nanjing University guest users Published: 2014/9/4 18:14:25
Must have installed, all kinds of computer detection driver. Drive the perfect solution.

Support ( Zero ) Levy (reply)

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