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Bentley context capture v4.4.9 the latest version of free Contextcapture crack version download | Bentley context capture The score: 8

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Software introduction

ContextCapture crack version Is a realization of automatic 3D modeling Modeling software To realize the automatic 3D, real modeling different perspective pictures come Green Resources Network Download ContextCapture!

ContextCapture official introduction

ContextCapture Center, a new solution for the development based on Smart3DCapture technology before the software solutions, make the production from simple pictures, high resolution three-dimensional models, without any manual intervention.

ContextCapture software features

From many such correspondence, photographs and scenes of the accurate 3D shape relative orientation can be inferred.

ContextCapture solves this problem with cutting-edge photogrammetry.

ContextCapture is the principle of static analysis of several photos of the object.

Taken from different viewpoints, and to automatically detect corresponds to a physical point of the same pixel.

Scalability, efficiency, use, robustness and interoperability of industrial quality requirements.

The realization of computer vision and computational geometry algorithm accuracy.

ContextCapture features

- ContextCapture (limit up to 30 GPIX / project with high input) and ContextCapture infinite center reconstruction.

CONNECT SELECTservices allows the quarterly license and license pool based on a new license.

To make it more cost-effective short-term needs of the project.

The existing license by allowing more users access to more fully use.

- improved aerial triangulation

The new WebGL Acute3D Web Browser And the new 3MX format.

- improved texture (improved UV mapping, image fusion, painted).

- improvement of production and the level of detail, new production options (overlap, skirt, the maximum texture size).

- the new simplified model plane, in the reconstruction phase.

- tile / surface (there are constraints on the surface of the tile production limit allows no connection point to area,).

- for the control of spatial reference system and the support of the Polish reconstruction.

The production of 3D - new view tab.

The surface / volume measurement.

Export 3D grid texture and level of detail, with GoogleEarth KML.

- orthophotomap export to KML super stack.

- interoperability with Bentley platform: Pointools POD, 3MX support in MicroStation.

- group (to merge two existing blocks from the user interface).

(robustness, improved a new pair Choice The new model, the evaluation model of photogroup).

Connection point triangulation / orientation based on the user's prior

(block origin allowed proportion or orientation definition).

Control the connection point function point / new (2D / Z control point, tolerance, and checkpoint) upgrade The user interface.

- Aerial Triangulation report improved.

ContextCapture installation instructions

Copy the DLL to replace the installation folder

And then import the reg file registration

Software screenshot

Download address

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The first floor of Shanghai cable through guest users Published: 2017/6/5 19:40:47
I want the software, which is fully functional, the effects can be achieved, help me save a lot of things, very good software, you can download to use

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