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Cheetah free WiFi V5.1 the latest version of the official Cheetah WiFi official download | Cheetah free WIFI The score: 8

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Software introduction

Cheetah WiFi By Kingsoft network (now Mobile Corporation cheetah) launched a free WiFi software . With it, you can enjoy without the need of WiFi router Free WIFI Second, computer router, campus network will also support oh. Quickly download experience!

Cheetah WiFi

Cheetah free WiFi is launched by Mobile Corporation cheetah a free, minimalist WiFi connection management software, users only need to download and run the cheetah free WiFi, the computer will be able to instantly become a free WiFi router, so that mobile phone and PAD have wireless hardware free internet. Cheetah free WiFi applications for the underlying mechanism of Windows wireless network card system made more than 20 technology optimization, measured "connectivity" in similar software in the first place, is currently the highest success rate of WiFi mobile phone Internet sharing software.

Cheetah WiFi features

Permanent free

No need to buy any hardware, do not have to pay 1 cents from A to Z! Is a permanent free, cheetah free WiFi always stick to the promise

Green compact

The history of the smallest wireless router - cheetah free WiFi only 3MB, the size of a song! Pure green free installation, download and run after the computer instantly turned free WiFi

Super simple

Cheetah free WiFi interface, no floating window, bring you the first 0 key minimalist interactive experience of the Internet, to help you avoid installation, create trouble

Zero flow

From the mobile phone Internet zero flow, no longer have to pay the bill so! Farewell card slow down, with the mobile phone can also enjoy watching films to play games

Anti rub network

All the equipment in the hands of the cheetah free WiFi, kicking, you pull the black! Easily identify mobile phone brand, see "he" who is

Cheetah WiFi function

File intertransmission

APP is not installed, no data cable, computer and mobile phone can also transfer files!

Support for Campus Network

Break through the campus network sharing restrictions, support 99.5% WiFi of campus network sharing

Covers the 30 balance of the campus network client, similar software first

Personalized mobile phone welcome page

Personalized custom connected to the WiFi Mobile phone browser homepage

Show, spoof, dating, advertising support

Computer remote control

Mobile phone wireless remote control computer mouse, PPT, off screen off

Open high-tech life

Anti rub network

All equipment under control, kicking, you pull the black

Easily identify mobile phone brand, see "he" who is

LAN game

Buddy network and mobile phone Fight against landlords Gobang

Intelligent speed

The first priority I Internet, smart key to optimize their mobile phone

At the same time support manual limit upload speed and download speed of mobile phone

Chinese WIFI

Exclusive custom Chinese WiFi, let you high-end atmosphere on the grade

Cheetah WiFi use method

Cheetah free WiFi open failed, not how to do?
1, right click the bottom right corner of the computer network connecting the small computer icon - click to open network and Sharing Center

 Cheetah free WiFi official download 2, click change adapter settings"

 Cheetah WiFi 3, the cheetah WiFi in the process of opening, whether to open the network connections that there will be a virtual network (below)

1) Win7:microsoft virtual WiFi miniport, this is a virtual network card

 Cheetah WiFi official download

2) Win8:microsoft hosted virtual network adapter, this is the virtual network card

 Cheetah free WIFI

4, if the virtual card is not generated, please download Mydrivers On the computer, wireless detection NIC driver If there are updates
1) first backup The wireless network card driver (driver = = "backup" card), wireless network card, find the words wir or 802.11n words and then back up, as shown in figure:

 Cheetah free WiFi Download

2) and then to the "standard model" to see if there are any wireless card, can be updated as follows, if not, according to the third step.

 Cheetah WiFi Download

3) to drive the fine-tuning inside, the hook in front of the removal of other devices, and then select the wireless card, click the update driver, then install, as shown in fig.:

 Cheetah free WIFI

4, then open the cheetah free WiFi, see if you can successfully open.

Matters needing attention

The computer must have a wireless network card can test machine must be inserted on the USB wireless network card to use cheetah free WiFi sharing network.

 Cheetah WiFi

 Cheetah free WIFI

Update log

V5.1 update:


Enhanced support for Win10 systems

The new login page function

A variety of campus network client support

[PROBLEMS] repair

The modified WiFi password is not displayed

To enhance the stability, solve the problem of collapse

To solve the problem of slow exit WiFi

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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