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Pagamo IOS mobile phone version of the v1.0 version of iPhone. Apple pagamo version download | The pagamo version of IOS mobile phone The score: 8

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Game label: Pagamo English app

Pagamo version of apple This is a year of the most fiery war way through the game test students' knowledge of mobile phone Learn the game In the game, integration of textbook knowledge and game difficulty, create a unique learning game!

Pagamo Apple introduced version of the official

PaGamO won the Walton School of business Global education innovation contest champion, can combine content with multiplayer online game learning method of chemistry innovation significantly enhance learning motivation; answer, but also a covering buddy! Brush the question book boring? PaGamO lets you learn addictive!

 Pagamo version of apple

Apple pagamo version of the game features

1. rich game

The sustainable development to enhance the learning efficiency of the game content, will do business with people fighting games, instant, props and store system, land upgrade System... There are more game content, waiting for you to learn while you play, skip the immutable and frozen Mechanics Learning!

2. Walton business school accreditation

PaGamO won the Walton school teaching resources network education innovation global green contest champion, can combine content in multiplayer online game chemistry innovation significantly enhance learning motivation learning method!

3. tailored learning

Optional subjects, chapters and topics, the integration of pixel level knowledge points and guided and detailed, built in learning analysis and ranking system, can easily keep track of learning trajectory A key, catch the high frequency error; usually good practice, exam sprint super awesome!

Apple pagamo version update log

1. new driftwood terrain

2. new map zoom function

The new marine 3. animation

Pagamo IOS mobile phone version of no release, temporarily provide website registration entrance!

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