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Hoist man modifier v3.5.1.81 official version of Android Hoist man to download and install | Hoist man modifier official The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

Hoist man Android version 2018 Is a modifier for Android mobile phone users to create hoist man game, only a single Mobile game A key, modify the game data, gold, diamonds, props... Second becomes infinite, to become the nouveau riche nouveau riche, quickly download experience!

Hoist man introduced

Hoist man is an easy-to-use tool to help game player game to reduce garbage time, better experience the fun of the game. Unlimited unlimited gold blood, don't worry about the monster seckill, no longer have to spend a lot of time to brush brush gold experience! Mobile Games love you, do not miss oh! (PS: for all Tencent game Have all the functions of shielding)

 Hoist man modifier

Hoist man game modification function

Modify the 1. data: you can modify almost all stand-alone mobile phone data (money, output, score, attack, defense, the number of props, magic and other parameters);

Two Transmission gear Gear: powerful, acceleration / deceleration, let you control;

3. completely free: small fine, fast, green, free, no ads.

Hoist man modifier characteristics

The classification of information, the content is complete

PSP game can be run directly!

Special recommendation, weekly selection

Never miss a fine game, good game.

forum A lot of community forum

The major sections, there will always be a place that belongs to you

The topic is infinite, want to talk on the chat

Play tired, come and make complaints about the chat forum.

Full-featured, recommended

Modify a key to start, the latest Mobile Games next to the next

Hoist man tutorial

0. first open modifications, and then enter the game

1. click Modify in the input box, enter the game you want to modify the attribute value (gold / volume / score / strength... The current value);

2. click on the "search" button will display the search results when the search is complete;

3. return to the game, play for a while, until the game attribute value change after entering to modify in;

4. numerical input changes after further search; 5. if the search results more, continue to step third;

6. when the search results less (less than 20 results), you can try to individually modify or batch modify the search data out;

7. return to the game, the game will refresh the page, to see whether the modification is successful.

Note: the game changes to mobile phone ROOT to normal use!

Update log

V3. update:

1. broken net support even automatically download

2. optimization medal exchange center center

The 3. theme update support reminder

4. to buy a set from hand design

Developer: Guangzhou poly Man Network Technology Co. Ltd.

Mobile Games.

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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The second floor of Fujian Sanming Unicom users guests Published: 2018/12/7 15:57:32
The good is really good.

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The 1 building in Liaoning of Benxi Telecom ADSL users guests Published: 2017/6/3 18:47:42
A good modifier with mobile phone games, very powerful, love hoist man, 6666666666

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