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No blood Mobile Games Is a super cool combat role-playing game Mobile Games, super free battle mode, super The map of the world At any time, the wild PK, red death explosion! Simple operation, rich gameplay! What are you waiting for, as soon as possible to download green resources network demo !

Blood endless game

The "blood promise" multiplayer screen free, real-time combat, large map of the world, the field of unlimited pk. items without binding, no fighting capacity limit. The gameplay is rich, high degree of freedom. The line of battle, the siege of passion. Cool mounts, special magic, free trading, all items will be available by the monster broke, do not spend money like to play!

The endless occupation of blood

 No blood Mobile Games


As a melee attack occupation, warrior attacks can be used to describe the simple and crude. The skilled use of a variety of powerful knife, sword, the soldiers in the melee can cause stress to the powerful opponent. "Thrusting", "flaming sword", "thunder sword" as the soldier's core skills, let the soldiers in battle with the enemy which has a strong deterrent, can cause a lot of damage to a single target. "A long hand" and "brutal" use of skills, so that the original only good at melee fighters in the face of remote attacks can easily cope with the occupation.

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The mage as a remote attack occupation, a damage output capability is very powerful. Through the "Thunderbolt", "dragon shiden", "ice roar" reasonable application, can let the master release guards damage in a short period of time. "Mana Shield", "ring of fire resistance and other skills allow the fragile mage to a certain extent, the resistance from the enemy's attack, with superb operation and reasonable positioning can further enhance the mage in combat survivability.

 No mobile phone version of blood

The priest

The priest as the beast called the remote can control the occupation, have other occupation do not have unique advantages. Through the use of "healing", "ghost armor shield" and other auxiliary skills, priests can provide strong protection to gain state teammates, teammates are not enemies. "Soul fire Rune", "poison" "poison" and other road use the collocation priest in the battle to be the most changeful, forecast. As the team's strong backing, who plays a key role.

Mobile Games.

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