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PS portraiture 32 plug-in microdermabrasion v2.3.5 latest version Portraiture filter 32 download | PS portraiture 32 plug-in dermabrasion The score: 8

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Software introduction

PS Dermabrasion Plug-in unit Portraiture The latest Chinese version Is a free plug-in support skin grinding 32 bit operating system, skin grinding effect is very good, simple operation, can help users to easily reduce the skin defects, there is a need to download free!

The portraiture software is introduced

The network skin dermabrasion software plug-in has many kinds of Portraiture software as dermabrasion Photoshop Plug in, many photos of late master, give pingjiapogao. The main reason is that it is easy to operate, skin grinding effect is good, the software is very small to 600KB, especially it can automatic induction area of skin dermabrasion, only effect on the skin, skin regions excluded, so it on the hair, eyes, eyelashes have little effect, even more amazing is that: Portraiture can keep skin grinding tiny pores, keep skin Skin This is the sense of many other dermabrasion skin software not available (most software to rub the skin, facial skin is like peeling the skin of the duck's egg, loss of skin texture).

 PS portraiture 32 plug-in dermabrasion

Portraiture filter installation method

Download after decompression, Portraiture.8bf file, copy it to the directory C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Pl / paste UG -Ins\ filter. Complete the installation, then more than PS under the filter menu options for imagenomic / Portraiture... Now you can use it.

Using the Portraiture filter method

In 1, Photoshop opened a portrait, the use of "repair Brush Tool (press J) "the facial acne removal.

2, then the implementation of the menu: Filter > > imagenomic > > Portraiture... Into the skin grinding work interface, the use of "Straw +" in the area of skin click sampling 2~3 points, basically no other parameters you set (you can also fine tune "and" Brightness "degree").

A good set of parameters, and finally click "OK", photos of dermabrasion skin is complete

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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