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Macromedia dreamweaver8.0 v8.0 Chinese simplified version of the latest official version Dreamweaver8.0 official download | Macromedia dreamweaver8.0 simplified version Chinese The score: 8

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Software introduction

Macromedia Dreamweaver The official version of 8.0 Chinese Is a web design tool has very wide applications, web production, site management and other rich features, but also has powerful multimedia processing functions, flexible operation, there is a need to welcome to download!

Software introduction

MacromediaDreamweaver 8 is a professional tool for building Web sites and applications. It will be the visual layout tools, application development function and code editing support together, its powerful, making all levels of developers and designers are able to quickly create beautiful interface websites and applications based on standard.


The advantages of dreamweaver8.0


Dreamweaver has the flexibility to write web pages, not only will the world first-class level of "design" and "code" editor be made one in the design window, but also refine the source code, can help users according to the work need to customize your own user interface.

Cross Browser Verification

When saving the system automatically checks the validity of the current document cross browser, can specify which browser to test On trial The browser, while the system automatic test to determine there is no target page browser does not support tags or CSS structure. Dynamic cross browser validation function can automatically check the tags and the CSS rule is to present the main browser.

Integrated characteristics

Dreamweaver 8 inherits the characteristics of Fireworks, Flash and Shockwave integration, can freely switch between these Web authoring tools, easily create beautiful and practical ".

The new features in dreamweaver8.0

1, the operation of XML data visualization

2, the unified CSS panel

3, CSS visual layout

4, style rendering tools

5, enhance the XML editing and verification

6, enhance the design of CSS based rendering

7, strengthen the integration of the Accessibility reference

8, more pre built Accessibility design template

9, strengthen cross browser dynamic verification

10, enhance the mobile phone content creation ability

11, zoom function

12, guide wire

13, encoding tools

14, code folding

15, file comparison function

16, improve the encoding function

17, support WebDAV

18, insert the Flash video

Software screenshot

Download address

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