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FileZilla server Chinese version v0.9.46 green Chinese version The FileZilla server to download | FileZilla server Chinese version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: FileZilla FTP server

FileZilla the Chinese version of server was developed by FileZilla FTP server software, allows you to easily and easy to set up a FTP server, support the upload and download speed limit, users online display and play in addition to other functions, easy operation and use, you know!

Software introduction

FileZilla Server is a small FTP server software, if you want to play a simple FTP server, then you can try the consumption of system resources fairly small software, allows you to easily and easy to set up a FTP server.

 FileZilla server

The FileZilla server features

Almost no user limit

Multi threading engine

In Windows NT4, 2000, XP in the form of service operation

The fxp/ bounce attack filtering

Safe password storage (using MD5 hash)

Real time management of user / group

All options can be changed in the online server, no server offline

No transmission timeout function can keep using ordinary tools kick free online users

- setting the rules of the server and the user / group based on the speed limit

- support MODE Z compressed file transfer

FileZilla Server operation steps:

The first line to start the FileZilla server.exe file, and then run the FileZilla Server Interface.exe file.

Special note

Please do not easily change the administrator login port, port error because you will not be able to normal landing, will not see the correct management landing port, if you must change this port, please write down the changes before and after modification of the port, to prevent cannot open service due to re install the server!

Software screenshot

Download address

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