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Pptv network TV 2017 v4.0.3 the latest version of the official Pptv network TV official download | 2017 pptv network television The score: 8

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Software introduction

Pptv Network TV Two thousand and seventeen Is a video player software. As spectators pushed the massive high-definition video resources, covering the global HD movies, TV series, Variety show MV video and etc.! Watch free video download service and support. Welcome friends to download experience green resources network.

The software features

1, excellent cache technology, not to hurt the hard

2, automatically set the XP network connection firewall

3, automatic detection system connection limit

4, the use of P2P technology, people are more smoothly

5, fresh and clear, easy to use user interface

6, rich source programs, support program search function

7, display the current program screenshots and hover channel promos

8, all in the Windows platform to support UPnP automatically Port mapping

9, for different types of networks and Internet connection to implement different strategies, better use of cyber source

Common problem

1, all video is unable to play?

Answer: PPTV is H.264 High Profile high-definition online video encoding based on the needs of mobile phone hardware with the corresponding video decoding capability.

2, watch a movie about how much traffic consumption?

Answer: a film flow is about 400-600M. Blu ray movie: 1000-1200M. A set of series flow is about 200M. Please use caution 3G watch the video.

3, mobile phone supports HD decoding, still unable to play?

Answer: This is because the Android system version is too low, suggestion upgrade Android to 2.3+ or 3.0+ above (including 2.3 and 3), should be able to solve the situation can not be played, have the ability to brush users can try.

4, stop the video buffer?

Answer: smooth viewing PPTV video about 1.5M bandwidth, if 2M is a family of ADSL users, you should be able to watch PPTV all smooth video, if someone in the family to download or watch the video by computer, then the use of WIFI will be affected.

5, some video sound, no picture?

Answer: This is because the video itself to meet the mobile phone playing conditions, but as the video screen is too large or the resolution is too high, exceeding the range caused by the decoding ability in the mobile phone.

PPTV network television:

PPTV network TV: alias PPLive, was developed by the operation of Shanghai synacast Co. Ltd online video software, it is a leading global Chinese, the largest, has a huge influence on video media, short film, comprehensive aggregation and sports, entertainment, information and other hot video content, and video broadcast and professional production the characteristics of Internet video, cloud platform PPCLOUD by including the PC web server and client based on PAD mobile phone and mobile terminal, and to cooperate with the license of the Internet TV and set-top boxes and other terminal to provide users with fresh, timely, and high-definition interactive network TV service.

Software screenshot

Download address

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