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Minsheng Bank official the latest version of v3.2.1.4 security controls Minsheng Bank personal online banking security controls | Download Minsheng Bank security controls The score: 8

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Software introduction

Minsheng Bank Safety control Minsheng Bank is a specially designed for users to create online banking security controls, a key installation time can protect the account information security, the use of simple safe and reliable. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

Minsheng Bank security upgrade Installation process

1, for the first time to enter the new customers online banking login page, the page will be prompted to install online banking customers required to run the relevant controls, customers can be installed through the yellow tip at the top of the page, can also click Install security upgrade program "window" to download and install the livelihood of online banking security upgrade program "link to download and install new online banking controls. If the client installation problems, please click "install security upgrade program window to download" online user manual ";

2, control after the installation is completed, the customer will need all Browser Shut down, re entered the online banking login page;

3, the online banking login page will automatically return to display login customers and drive the USBKEY version number. If the driver version is too low for customers, will bring up the "U treasure drive upgrade program window, customers to download and install U treasure upgrade program;

4, control after the installation is completed, the client to refresh or re open online banking login page, enter the login password immediately after the successful landing of online banking;

 Minsheng Bank personal online banking security controls to download

Cmbccertkitax.exe Minsheng Bank personal online banking security control installation instructions

1, in the certificate chain is incomplete, the login page prompted the following information:

2, click on the top of "the people's livelihood security controls have been updated, please click here to install the latest security controls" yellow message or click "login page above please click here to install security controls" link (two optional one can), will pop up a special control download page

3, click on the "install now" button, the system pop-up file download prompt, Choice "Save" will be saved to the local client computer control.

4, close all browser, run setup (Win7 or Vista operating system users use the administrator to run setup). The program automatically after the end of the run, will pop up "the installation is complete, prompt information please restart all IE", click "confirm" button to complete the installation.

5, re open the browser, you can log in online banking.

6, if problems arise during the installation process, please click on the download page below the "control installation process common problems solution" link, the system will automatically pop up document processing method of common problems in a variety of operating system.

Common problem

1, the Haitai U treasure and flying 11 U treasure to use why error in the IE64 browser?

Answer: at present, all models of U and Bao Haitai flying type 11 U Po (as shown below) cannot be used in a IE64 browser, please use IE32 browser to log in online banking customers can, for my other brand models can be used in a IE64 U treasure browser.

2, open the browser still prompted to install why installing the online banking security controls?

Answer: at present, our online banking security controls is divided into IE32, IE64, IE three versions, if you have installed IE32 version and use IE64 browser to log in, the page will still prompt the installation of IE64 online banking security controls, in the same way, so it is a non IE version.

Software screenshot

Download address

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