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Software introduction

Software label: The phantom pin

The phantom pin1.75 driver files Can be used to solve The phantom WiFi The problem can not be properly used. Many use the phantom pin1.75 upgrade The user when using the phantom WiFi appeared to lack of driving error in mobile phone! For this problem, green resources network Xiaobian specially provides the latest version of the mirage pin driver files, users need to download welcome to use.

 The phantom 1.75wpa cli driver

The phantom pin driver file installation tutorial:

1 download RE file Browser

2. download the wpa_cli file

3. open the RE file browser, enter the root directory of the System directory of the bin directory (not with their own file management Device)

4. first look in the bin directory there wpa_cli file

If any, please backup in the bin directory and then casually press a file Choice Remember how he set the permissions tick is 0755 permissions

If you have this file, first delete the original wpa_cli file directory

If not, directly to download a good paste to the bin directory, remember to modify the permissions! This is why you must see before

To ensure the correct operation, you can restart the mobile phone.

How to solve the lack of mirage pin driver files?

1. Baidu first download and install the RE file browser, open.

In the pop-up box select 2. root tag repeat click on the + and then select the external memory card to find a good wpa_cli file download software to help the download method in RE press wpa_cli select Copy File

3. in the root directory under the label in order to enter the system->bin directory, click on the upper right corner of the mount to be written after remember to allow ROOT access

4. and then click on the bottom left corner "copy here, if you fail please click the upper right corner of the mount of XX, until it is mounted read-only

5. press the wpa_cli file, select the permissions set"

6. once again open the phantom Pin, can see the driver loaded.

Software screenshot

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