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Cattle (cattle first aid box system file repair tool) v3.0.9.29 free version of the latest  Cattle (cattle first aid box system file repair tool) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Cattle Antivirus system File repair tool Is a very good use of bovine anti-virus repair tools, powerful, need friends not to miss, so what, fast about your buddy, a download network using the green resources!

 Bovine anti-virus system file repair software

Bovine anti-virus system file repair tool software

Cattle Security Center Received user feedback that solve starting or running program Typewriting No see, no see input method icon, Dsound. DLL file Can not find, after security experts found that the problem is caused by a virus Trojan infection system files, if only use simple soft kill killing, will cause the computer input method is missing, the input method icon disappeared, Dsound.dll file is missing, you can use cattle free antivirus system file repair tool for file system perfect repair!

If the file is missing, you look Choice The file system, DLL system is suitable for not only trouble, have braved the risk of system abnormalities. Because the system file version must match with the operating system, cattle free antivirus system file repair tool has a smart looking for the lost function of DLL, download through the cloud server, and perfect repair, ensure the normal operation of the system.

Download free cattle free antivirus system file repair tool

System file repair tool function

1. repair Dsound.dll file system

2. repair Ddraw.dll file system

3. repair D3d8.dll file system

4. repair olepro32.dll, usp10.dll, lpk.dll, kernel32.dll and other file system

The 5. amendment to repair the folder with the same name

6. input method is gone, the input method icon disappeared

7. repair msvcrt.dll, msvcr71.dll file system

8. user error recovery system files, or system files are some special techniques cannot load the infection

9. cloud server unable to repair, increased LSP repair

10. D3D8THK.DLL can't fix the problem

11. killing cyber QQ Trojan infection, repair the damaged file

12. repair NETBIOS.SYS fails to eliminate the problem

13. repair desktop icon disappeared

14. repair msimg32.dll, Userinit.exe, Explorer.exe can not find the file, etc.

15. repair Sen SAP The i.dll file is missing, etc.

Repairable system file list

Dsound.dll, Ddraw.dll, D3d8.dll, rpcss.dll, olepro32.dll, d3d8thk.dll, wsock32.dll, comdlg32.dll, d3d9.dll, lpk.dll, kernel32.dll, ksuser.dll, urlmon.dll, npptools.dll, rundll32.exe, comres.dll, imm32.dll, usp10.dll, midimap.dll, dinput8.dll, userenv.dll, CT FM On.exe, conime.exe, msvcrt.dll, dbghelp.dll, D3D8THK.DLL, NETBIOS.SYS, msvcr71.dll, msimg32.dll, Userinit.exe, Explorer.exe, sensapi.dll

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