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Java decompile tool (xjad) V2.2 green version of the Decompile xjad download | Java decompile tool (xjad) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Xjad green version is a Java decompiler procedures for the source code of the software. In the industry is a well-known anti compiler, there is a need of a friend can download oh.

A.Class file can be decompiled back to the.Java tool, Java Decompile tool XJad2.2, open.Class
Computer terminal, Java jar simulator: KEmulator

 Java decompiler

Java decompile tool features:

1, XJad is Jad core Java source program to decompile software based on embedded Jad1.5.8e2;
2, can handle multiple *.class files, can handle all the files within the folder, or even can handle *.jar files;
3, with a multi page text editor And it can be integrated in the explorer, right click at any time can be operated;
4, support Java syntax highlighting;


1, open one or more *.class files, XJad decompile, renamed *.java file,
To save the current folder, and open the view in the editor;
2, open a folder, XJad to decompile the *.class folder of all files, and save to the folder,
According to path information generated folders, such as com.spring.framework.*,
Will create a folder structure of com\spring\framework;
3, open a *.jar file, XJad all the *.class file in the Jar file to a temporary directory and decompile,
And the source file with the package path information is saved to the current folder under the name "~" + *.jar folder;

Function improvement:

Jad1.5.8g found abnormal interruption in Decompilation part of the file, reduced to Jad1.5.8e2;

Software screenshot

Download address

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First, Hubei Yichang Unicom users guests Published: 2017/6/1 14:03:04
For the first time, the XJad Java decompile tool, feeling very good, but also very small, less than 1m

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