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The game is introduced

The king of Fighters The 97 revival Also known as the king of fighters 97 revival, is the introduction of a SEGA fighting game. Xiaobian do not introduce too much, we should all know the game, one of the most fire arcade game, 80, 90 memories, quickly download experience!

 The king of fighters 97 fuunsaiki computer version

The game is introduced

The revival has been without a single step can be issued after it cut infinite combos do not let go down before, then the heavy wind cut. KOF97 is the revival of strengthening the team moves and moves faster. (think) such as eight young female PM IORI under the fast determination of long time. (note must be the A key moves) ~ PM KYO snake juvenile A button moves fast. (unlimited combos Oh, even if the defense is...) Kagura yourself: Well ~ ~ ~ ~)

The king of Fighters 94--2000 total of seven, a year. The king of fighters 94 is the first work that brings together the Wolf Legend, dragon and tiger boxing, anger, Athena SNK star in Japan at that time fighting circles caused no small sensation; 95 is the pinnacle (from the point of view in the industry's influence; 96) the system has made great progress; The King of Fighters'97 The revival is perfect for (this made in Japan is black and white, but in Chinese is super popular still ranks the national top three arcade); 98 is the enhanced version of 97 (perhaps a series of perfect work?) 99 introduction; aid care system; the 2000 is to strengthen the version 99. It can be said that the 97--2000 is an enhanced version of 96, little change. KOF series has come to an end, there is not much room for evolution. The king of fighters 2000 may have been lost, SNK has announced to stop the development of KOF series.

The street fighter and endangered KOF compared, is booming. In addition to the highly anticipated 4 orthodox street, street fighter alpha series, three-dimensional street fighter series, Cartoon The hero vs fighter in the series enjoyed high popularity also in the world. A year to launch a new street fighter as king of fighters, with street fighter: the first orthodox as born in 1987; 2 is 1991 street; Street Fighter 3 1996 Street Fighter 4 has not yet launched. From the time it is really slow, but really can be described as the "decade of grinding sword", is the need for. Street Fighter 1 pioneered the fighting game Street Fighter 2 era; stir in the industry to become the mainstream of the game fighting game, can be said to Street Fighter 2 laid the foundation for fighting game, after every combat works in imitation of it; also is the ace of the street fighter 3, 2D fighting is the pinnacle of 4 is how to bully; I'm afraid the only Capcom internal staff know, but I can be sure that the king of fighters 97 revival it will become the new millennium 2D fighting no.1.

After 1997, the fighting of the decisive battle, geiniz sudden failure caused a great response, people eager to want to know exactly what happened that day. The organizer is busy to explain to the special events (that is caused by terrorist incidents and deal with the aftermath of the problem). K.O.F.96 but that the success of the conference, not only caused the fighting Trend More, caused a number of huge business interests, and to sponsor the name of expectations for K.O.F.97, more eager to sound K.O.F.97 is gradually growing today. In the raging fire again, K.O.F.97 held a formal implementation. The decision of the conference held after the world will have around the house Gathered . But in front of the competition, there are places I marriage with Beijing's girlfriend axue, and taught a great admirer of his Shingo yabuki, grass stream ancient martial arts. Iori Leona, evil forces are ready to erupt. At this time, striking seven cangue agencies, Charles M, Chris debut, the true identity of the three men turned out to be the serpent of the four heavenly kings, then the huge mutation, by three people is a serpent into entity, with Keith body composition snake body! Legend of the strongest, the most amazing dark forces - the serpent master finally appeared OROCHI!! The results for the OROCHI to Beijing, and eight Kagura on hand. Is God to save Iori Kagura accomplishment, Beijing was N.E.S.T.S and back, become copy elements. 97 years, the world fighting heat continues to heat up, in some big corporations under the support of more fighters joined the "THE KING OF FIGHTERS", to seal the anomalies through eight energy-saving is the mirror of detectors, gathered in Beijing and formed a team for the nunnery. A breakthrough in heavy fighting when the snake family seven Scarlett agency, Charles Chris, at the same time meters from their mouth that the serpent attempted to use KOF fighters' gas' resurrection secret. Although eventually defeated them, but the snake but with Chris's body as catalyst, successful life. The final outcome is of course the KO out of the serpent.

command list

(the serpent would not call that BT.)

Kyo (Vulcan...)

Yang +K, external detonation axe

Jump down (Nye and +U

Eight pick eight + - +I type:

Here, J, ghost burning or U (air)

I look down K Tu dule or I (on)

Qin Yang, down - K or I (from past play)

7 15 type is changed to K down K or I I (up)

Bite down to J (wild punch)

In the case, shortage bites - J or U

J K or K I can be connected

In case study, shortage bites J or U

J or U in action

Bite down to U (poison punch)

In case study, poison bite J or U

J or U chant, penalty

Abstract: through the J crane or U (passive)

* / serpent vs. J: pheasant or U

Here, here, no type J or U


Outside - +J - J - bomb dream

Outside - Yin, +K (detonation axe death break proof)

External Lily% (Tiao Yuezhong) - +K

100 - Ghost burning, - J or U (down to vent a circle of fire)

Erbai twelve - month, Qin Yin: - K or I (rushed to play)

Baier picked up seven - J or U - Sunflower: (three row input)

The wind (close), the lower chip vs. J or U (aside to the worst melee skills!)

Eighty - dark down, J hook or U (fire)

* / eight daughters: - - - J or U

Eight glasses: vs. J or U

Decompression password:


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