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Tencent application treasure PC version of the latest version of v5.8.1 Application treasure computer download | Tencent PC version of the application treasure The score: 8

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Software introduction

Application treasure The computer version Android is a Tencent Inc launched Operation on the PC side iphone Provide free, massive applications, games and other resources download, can also be used in mobile phone program management, and support for a key root, fast and convenient. Hurry to Green Resources Network Download experience!

Application treasure official

The application of treasure (the original Tencent Mobile phone housekeeper PC version) is the Tencent launched third Android intelligent mobile phone management software, which is committed to providing a one-stop mobile phone mobile phone security management and resource management solutions for users. Application treasure PC version, not only can be downloaded for free to the rich Android software, games, music, video, e-books, wallpaper and other resources; also can easily make mobile phone optimization and application testing, a key Root, data backup operation.

Application treasure computer version features

1. massive applications and games
New daily, game player and recommended topics such as columns, give you more fun application

 The computer version of the application treasure

2. the application of personalized recommend br/> new guess you like other columns, intelligent recommendation more in line with your favorite application

 Application treasure computer download

3. community friends to share
You can add a personal center module, the application of love collection, or to share with friends

To improve 4. software performance
Optimization of software performance, enhance the overall browsing and downloading speed

Application treasure computer version function

Rich in resources

The massive re integration of resources, applications, games, music, video, e-books, wallpaper free download, you feel more exciting.

One Touch Optimize

Mobile phone examination, mobile phone acceleration, enjoy one-stop mobile phone service. SMS, mail list, application of fast add, delete, make mobile phone easy to use.

New interface

A new architecture of the visual interface, generous introduction of fresh and moving; carefully designed homepage layout, more than the 2014 version of the novel.

Practical Hold-all

Mobile phone, mobile phone backup and restore screenshots, offline map, a key brush... All kinds of popular necessary practical tools, there is always a meet you.

A key Root

The excess application of Root after the success can be uninstalled, perfectly compatible with Android system, safe and reliable.

Usage method

Application treasure how to upload files to the mobile phone? And in the management of mobile phone file?

Click on "my mobile phone home" or "toolbox"" file management "Can manage files in mobile phone.

Upload files to the mobile phone in two ways:

1, Choice "File management", click on the window at the top of the "upload file or folder in the blank right click" Upload ", can be a one-time computer folder uploaded to the mobile phone.

 Application treasure PC version download

In 2, "my mobile phone" in each category of resources module, click "add" option to add files.

How to download offline map application treasure, how in the mobile phone after downloading the check?

In the toolbox, select the third party tools in the "off the map, select installed map software download offline map can, if not installed map software, can also choose to install offline map a map and then download the corresponding software package. The application of treasure to support offline map 5 map software download, respectively: SOSO Street View , Figure. Map, tiger map, Baidu Maps , Sogou map .

Note: in the application of treasure download offline map is not required to flow.

For example SOSO street map download method, enter the SOSO street map offline map download interface, you want to download the "province" or "urban" map pack, click to download.

 The application of computer to download the official version of treasure Download the show grey gogo and "downloaded" signs will complete the display, click the "download" tick mark after the download map. Has completed the download offline map, can click after deleting the map pack.

 The computer version of the application treasure Offline map download is successful, can open the corresponding mobile phone map software, find the offline map list on the map software tool, you can find the download offline map.

 The application of treasure PC version

Update log

V5.6.1 update:

1. new architecture of the visual interface, simple and refreshing than ever;

2. mobile phone physical acceleration, data backup, easily manage SMS contacts;

3. high-quality applications, games, music, videos, wallpapers, free download;

4. innovation The two-dimensional code scanning The connection mode, get rid of the data line;

5. Tencent, the first to experience the quality of the game application, quick step;

6. zero flow to each other mobile phone resources, without the burden of intimate sharing.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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Application treasure computer version too easy to use, can be directly installed PC software, mobile phone applications, you can also play web games, really complete

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