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No camera software iPad version v2.8.8 Apple IOS version No iPad version download No camera software iPad version User ratings: 8

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No camera software iPad version It is a ar camera specially designed for Android users. P diagram software Real time beauty, all kinds of high nose bridge can be completed.

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 No camera software iPad version

[ Sell Meng Sticker]

Our stickers are sprouting up from scratch.

[movie effects]

Our special effects are the most dazzle -- from the lack of special effects of his special effects.

[self made GIF expression]

There are many styles for you to switch. Homemade personal exclusive GIF expression pack, making tyrants. WeChat Group chat!

[real time beauty]

video Skin grinding What beauty looks like is coin eyes, high nose and palm face. Ten real-time dynamic beauty features, meticulous adjustment of facial features, while shooting the side of the United States, to photograph you. Mirror Amazing experience.

[synchronized makeup]

Su Yan can also shoot large pieces, including eyebrow, eyelash, eyeliner, eye shadow, eyelash, lipstick, blush, and satisfy all your girl hearts.

[multi face beautification]

Take your girlfriends and take a photograph. There will be no capsizing this time.

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V2.8.8 update content

1. skin color in beauty upgrade For the sake of whitening, it is still the most exquisite fairy.

2. repaired some unfriendly B. UG Optimize user experience.

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