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Software introduction

Canopus procoder 3 Chinese version Is a professional Video Converter This software, the interface is simple and elegant, convenient and quick operation, support a variety of video format conversion function, can also for video cut, filter, editing, need friends welcome to download green resources!

Software description

Grass Valley ProCoder 3 is the predecessor of the acclaimed Canopus ProCoder 2, the combination of speed and flexibility in one, is a suitable for professional use of advanced video conversion tool. As a widely acclaimed Encoding conversion The leader of the software, ProCoder 3 has extensive input / output options, advanced filters, batch processing and easy to use interface. Whether you are a MPEG encoding for making DVD, or for the application of streaming media WindowsMedia encoding, or to transfer between NTSC and PAL, ProCoder3 can quickly and easily convert video. Can be a single source file into multiple object files in batch mode to convert multiple files and continuous work, or use the ProCoder3 drag preset button one button switch.

 Canopus procoder 3 Chinese version

Function introduction

First, adding more support to EDIUS products work flow is included in the ProCoder3 Canopus HQ series Decoder ProCoder Canopus, independent HQ file encoding and decoding, without pre installed EDIUS software.

Second, in support of Dolby & DVD in digital audio production and reproduction process, ProCoder3 support Dolby digital audio encoding, to reduce file size and improve the quality of audio. ProCoder3 can also use the built-in channel mixer to add, change and delete individual audio formats in the target channel.

Three, support AVCHD portable Video camera The new format - AVCHD decoding function to convert AVCHD portable video footage of a new generation of video cameras in the post for editing and output streaming or burn DVD.

Four, to speed up the encoding speed of multi-core CPU system - MPEG-2 (transport stream) Grid encoding support, providing faster encoding speed for multi-core or new CPU system. When you are encoding Choice The "preview target DVD" or "HDV", will automatically start the character encoding.

Five, to support more mobile video format - New H.264 encoding and decoding, Apple iPod and Sony PSP and other mobile video equipment can convert ProCoder3 is popular and the output file format.

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The 1 floor Guangdong, Shenzhen telecom users guests Published: 2015/6/4 6:36:55
Good! Simple operation.

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