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P2P terminator (P2P traffic controller) v4.3.4.0 official latest version P2P terminator Download P2P terminator (P2P traffic controller) User ratings: 8

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Software introduction

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P2P Terminator It is a software used to manage the downloading traffic of enterprise network P2P, so it is also called P2P terminator Enterprise Edition, which is launched by Net.Soft studio. Software can be used to solve the problem that P2P software takes up too much bandwidth. Download the experience quickly.

P2P terminator introduction

P2P terminator is an excellent one. Network management software It allows you to manage BT in LAN easily and foollessly. Emule A large number of network references that occupy bandwidth can save valuable bandwidth for families and enterprises, thus ensuring key applications such as web browsing, e-mail, enterprise ERP and so on.

P2P terminator features

More than ten kinds of P2P downloads can be managed.

The installation and deployment is simple, and the whole network can be managed by installing any host in the LAN.

Can manage common chat tools, such as QQ, MSN

Support custom management time settings, flexible management of working time and rest time.

Support custom management rule settings, you can set different rules for different hosts.

Support host's custom remark function

Support host traffic Statistics And query

More powerful functions waiting for your discovery.

P2P terminator function

P2P Download Management

You can Choice What P2P downloads need to be blocked and assign rules to the corresponding hosts, then these hosts will no longer be able to download these P2P software.

Bandwidth management

You can specify the maximum uplink and downlink bandwidth for the host in LAN, which can effectively prevent all hosts in the network from accessing the network due to the abuse and download of individual hosts.

Web web page management

You can set the rules for host to visit the WWW website, support blacklists, whitelist, or block the host without permission.

Chat tool management

You can flexibly choose which chat tools you need to block according to the management needs. The software supports QQ, MSN, bubble, UC and so on. Fetion Management.

Custom time segment

You can define the time range of the rules themselves, so as to assign different control rules in normal working hours and off hours, and achieve more humane management.

Custom rules

The management of the software for the host is configured in a regular way. You can create and edit multiple control rules, assign the rules to a host, or assign the same rule to multiple hosts.

Host scanning And remarks

The software can scan all the boot and networked hosts in the local network. You can add notes for each host to facilitate future network management.

Daily flow statistics

The software can record daily traffic for each controlled host and display it in the host list. You can also query historical day traffic.

Update log

V4.3.4 update content:

1. repair the NIC to select the NIC ID to get the error.

2. update host network card data base ;

3. update and download the software feature library.

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