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Aid box 2017 v3.5 the latest version of the official Aid box 64 download | Aid box 2017 The score: 8

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Software label: Aid box

Aid box 2017 The latest version is a computer virus killing software system. This software system has killing the virus, Trojan interception and system repair and other functions. A computer system appears abnormal, IE desktop IE Icon Browser The destruction of such problems can be resolved well repair! The function is quite good! Come and download it green resources network.

Software introduction

Jinshan Superkiller Is a powerful virus removal, repair system security tools. First aid kit for rapid diagnosis of Kingsoft cloud security system security system based on the known strong clear stubborn trojan virus, violence delete unknown trojan virus, and can be fully repaired damaged system project.

Function introduction

 Aid box 2017

 Aid box 2017

 Aid box

 Aid box 64


1. in the course of use if abnormal, please go to the official forum Don't delete the first aid box system can not be restored as a result.

2. more abnormal system is that its first aid box caused by viruses, can go to the official forum for help.

3. first aid box may temporarily disable the normal software, after restart could be restored by reduction of the corresponding program start mode.

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