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Software introduction

Software label: VaGaa Vagaa

Indoorsman ready toilet paper, brother a little evil, not using vagaa to do a lot of Indoorsman love to do. But not too much damage to the body.

Green Resources Network Xiaobian release is an overseas non limited edition, version number is the latest version, Indoorsman will download experience. Get familiar with VaGaa Vagaa To help you out.

How to quickly download vagaa

1, open the main page and click on the "vagaa set", in the "basic settings" to "allow users to browse my shared the same interest" in front of the hook to remove (so what you download will not be shared the same interest to users, thereby greatly reducing the chance of upload)
2, the "download settings" in the download speed to 120 speed adjustable, upload 30 (try to upload speed to reduce the overall download value is 4 times the value of the specific upload according to your speed and decide, I'm 1M is 120, 30)
3, the "network settings" provided in connection with 3 items are transferred to the maximum
So you can re vagaa things look absolutely ideal speed
Finally tell you a stupid point, but very effective: whenever after download a page at vagaa. "See the shared page will show you downloaded and shared files, select all right click Delete (don't worry they are placed in the recycle bin), and from recycling their shear to another folder, pay attention to other folders, can be any one, just don't get the Downloads folder under the Downloads folder, because vagaa is a shared file, this folder does not have the thing of course can be uploaded!
One is to cancel the Shared Documents save upload resources, but that is not too good, so if you want to download speed is something ^_^ fee
When downloading files to Choice The number of sources and more complete download, or even do not have the resources to speed is no good.

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Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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The 9 floor of the guest users Published: 2016/11/7 22:57:33
Good good

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Eighth, Fujian Quanzhou Unicom users guests Published: 2015/10/11 3:35:59
Say thank you ah ha ah

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The seventh floor of the guest users Published: 2015/5/3 20:48:34

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The 6 floor Guangxi, Liuzhou telecom users guests Published: 2015/4/1 19:12:52
Not ah! Nine hundred and eighty-two million one hundred and ninety-four thousand and seventy-three

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The fifth floor of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiao Tong University Shaanxi Xi'an guest users Published: 2018/12/27 10:47:44
It is really cool, like!

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