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Ali Wangwang Taobao buyers version of the latest version of v9.12.05c The Ali Wangwang version of the official download | buyers Ali Wangwang Taobao buyers Edition The score: 8

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Software introduction

Ali Wangwang Taobao buyers Edition Is a Taobao for buyers to use chat software, can carry out real-time communication with the owner, customer service and other businesses, also can share pictures, support multi device synchronization, the need to welcome friends to download the use of green resources!

The official introduction

TaoBao Tmall On a lot of things, we need to buy with Wangwang buyers version, can communicate with the owner, this is Ali Wangwang 2013 & 2012 buyers version optimized for buyers. On Shopping Shop, the necessary communication software. In addition to shopping communication, Ali also allows you to keep abreast of the transaction status in your shopping, search of goods directly, quickly enter the, replacing the log trouble, let you shopping more convenient, more intimate; log, photos, share and other dynamic Amoy rivers and lakes you can also first time to focus on Taobao friends, at any time to share feelings and shopping with friends.

This major revision

1, the new interface, clear round Head portrait Icon design, lightweight, more concise interface structure.

2, the new session panel, collect all kinds of messages to remind, more efficient processing

 Ali Wangwang buyers version of the client

3, skin settings upgrade The new variety of skin, theme, bring you a new feeling.

4, hypostatization landing animation, concise and lively, a memorable test!

5, the new "star friends" group, easy to find important contacts

6, the main panel added quick shop entrance, quick access to your friends shop

7, news management optimization, re sort the message type and menu items, classification clear, convenient search.

8, Wangwang personal information and new name card design, set the background picture character.

9, software upgrade, let you know the first time a new version of the function.

10, send the file shut down automatically after the completion of this box, in the chat window in real-time through transmission results.

11, at the same time with the chat window optimization, and more convenient than chat.

12, a new application platform upgrade, access more convenient, more intuitive application message.

Software screenshot

Download address

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