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Adobe Photoshop CS2 v9.0 official version simplified Chinese completely Photoshop CS2 9.0| Adobe Photoshop CS2 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Photoshop Adobe

Photoshop CS2 9 simplified version Chinese Is a free image processing Software。 PS provides free processing function for the user, built a wealth of tools and brushes Photo editing Function. Compatible with a variety of mainstream operating system. Users need to quickly download it green resources network!

Software introduction

Photoshop CS2 is Photoshop 9, it is an important update of digital graphics editing and creation of professional industry standard. It will serve as independent software programs or Adobe Creative Suite is a key component to release 2. The introduction of new standards of powerful and accurate Photoshop CS2, provide graphics creation and control digital experience.

Photoshop CS2 official Chinese official original, includes all the features of pscs2, can use PS brush Suitable for image processing, professional people, if you just for daily use, small or recommend that you use the Photoshop CS2 version, the official version because retained all the features, so the volume is relatively large, will take a long time to download.

 Adobe Photoshop 9 simplified version Chinese

The software features

1. simplified Ps interface, user-friendly search function.

2. using multiple layer controls to accelerate the speed of editing.

3. in the camera raw3.0 workflow, support multiple file modifications, such as PSD, tiff and JPG.

4. In Adobe bridge, Adobe stock photos. also provides access to file browsing more convenient.

Photoshop CS2 9 Chinese version features

1. Adobe Bridge Photoshop file Browser Has been completely renovated and named Adobe Bridge. Adobe Bridge is a separate operation completely independent of the application, and become a new molecular CS suite. When the file browser was first introduced in Photoshop, I mentioned hope it can become independent of the application in my review, now I am happy to see that Adobe has taken steps in this direction. Adobe Bridge new Photoshop CS2 to replace the original file browser Adobe Bridge can run independently, and only in Photoshop, Illustrator , Indesign Or click the button to Golive. The above screenshot shows the default layout of Adobe Bridgge, but it is more than the Photoshop CS file browser customization Choice . Using Adobe Bridge you can view and manage all image files, including CS's own PSD, AI, INDD and Adobe PDF file . When the preview in the Bridge PDF file, you can even browse page.

2. Adobe Bridge if you have CS2 Adobe, Bridge provides Bridge Center (shown above). Bridge allows you to quickly access the file group, the new folder, recently used files, and RSS reader, tips and tricks, color management settings, Version Cue Project S, images and help. Adobe Bridge now provides access to new Adobe images, the service user is connected to the high quality material image. Adobe images allows you to search a lot of material picture code, download, and buy photos -- when you like. Adobe Bridge center RSS reader Adobe Studio Exchange preset display newly updated content, but you can according to the need of custom. In the screenshot, you can see I've added the About graphics software homepage (Feed).

3. custom Adobe Bridge, you can view the slide, as shown in this figure that switching to the lower part of the Preview thumbnail display, or switch to preview right. By setting the parameters, the user can also change the background color of Adobe display in Bridge. In the screenshot, I use a medium gray, but you can adjust it from black to white or arbitrary gray.

4.Adobe Bridge image viewer, one of my very love Bridge function is the new filmstrip view, you can view thumbnails and preview on the same screen. At the bottom of the window there is a split slider lets you adjust the thumbnail size, you can from the thumbnail was small thumbnail preview or will have great. There can be at the thumbnails, slides, details and versions, alternately switching between the view button.

5.Adobe Bridge in the details view in the details view, you can see the details of each image a lot, but still can zoom the thumbnail. In this screenshot you can see I opened several other panel - collection, metadata, and keywords. You can directly edit the metadata and keywords for the image panel, additional information, or you can use the file information command (File Info command) add information.

6. work area layout of custom Adobe Bridge single panel can be opened or closed, when necessary you can also split the panel. You can also turn off the image of additional information, only display thumbnails, here as shown in the screenshot. This is a Adobe Bridge called the default workspace Lightbox, it provides a display thumbnail view area maximum. Several preset work area including: Lightbox, File Navigator (mainly for the file Navigation Metadata (Focus), mainly used for display and Filmstrip Focus metadata) (slide show). You can save your custom work area layout, so you can according to the needs of different projects, reload the settings you love easily.

7.Adobe Bridge compact model and compact model as shown in figure Adobe, Bridge can quickly switch to compact mode, the mode of float on top of other windows and supports drag and drop in other applications. Click the red circle icon, compact mode switching to compact mode. In this mode, only a small toolbar (red box line display screen occupied area).

8.Adobe Bridge grades, the label and the batch user can give out a photo to five star rating, and the application of color label. The label can also assign a custom name, so you can express a project using red, green and blue said another, used to express your personal photos. Users can also according to the score and label content to display filter. Most of the batch processing tasks can be carried out in the Adobe Bridge, so the user does not need to run Photoshop or other applications in batch processing tasks. Because Bridge is a standalone application, so when at the time of image processing, the user can continue to work in Bridge.

In 9. Adobe Bridge in the search image as you wish, Bridge provides a search tool to find the file, it can search based on various criteria, including file name, file size, keywords, metadata information, score, label, data, file type, key words, description and comments. The search results can be set to open in a new window, so you don't lose the space in the current window. After the implementation of the search, you can also choose the group to the collection, so that at any time for you to see.

10.Adobe Bridge Adobe Bridge show mode now provides a screening model, used to display a set of photos in full screen or window. When you first use the projection mode, the screen will display the prompt information as above. As you can see, there are many keyboard shortcuts * photo navigation options. You can even in the projection mode through the keyboard settings and application of rating label. Adobe Bridge Photoshop CS2 Adobe included in Adobe, Illustrator CS2, Adobe InDesign CS2 and Adobe GoLive CS2. As a part of the Adobe CS2 suite installed, Adobe Bridge also provides additional functionality.

Registration method

1, with the serial number 1045-1830-7483-3749-8386-5896 Install ( Please do not modify the sequence number, or will lead to crack ).

 Adobe Photoshop 9 simplified version Chinese

2, the installation will pop up interface activation process, please click "activate options" in the lower left corner, and then select "through the software system automatically activate the phone activation", click "next", write down the activation number (7 groups), and then run the registration machine Keygen.exe, in "Activation Application" select "Photoshop CS2 9", was written under the input activation number in the "Request Code:", press the "Generate" button below, you can get the authorization code Answer code (5 groups).

 Photoshop CS2 9 simplified version Chinese

3, return to the Photoshop CS2 interface is activated, just input generated by the 5 group authorization code, according to the "activation", successfully activated.

 Hotoshop CS2 9 simplified version Chinese

4, first run Photoshop CS2 will be required for online registration, press the "registration" can be.

Install rar password:

Software screenshot

Download address

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