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Fluent in English app version of the Android v6.10.2 Fluent in English said mobile phone download | English fluent app The score: 8

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Software introduction

English fluent app Is a very good mobile phone Spoken English Learning software . The built-in software learning material rich, there are a variety of innovative teaching methods, to help users to quickly master the spoken language, to bid farewell to the "dumb english". Quickly download experience!

 Fluent English

English fluent introduction

"Fluent in English" is a combination of innovative ideas and advanced oral English teaching assessment of speech technology in oral English learning application, let you "can not help but speak English, to help you get rid of" dumb English "! Daily push American dialogue, real-time speech scoring technology from Silicon Valley, addictive fun dialogue Enter the game That allows you to easily practice oral English, fluent "imperceptibly".

English fluent version of mobile phone function

The contents of the system

Want to improve my oral English, I do not know where to start? Speak for your daily push through the system arrangement of the American dialogue, just follow the practice every day, can raise the level of spoken English in imperceptibly, overcome the difficulties of "opening".

Personalized oral private education

Without the teacher, don't know that well? Fluent evaluation technology of the latest speech built from Silicon Valley, to mark your oral English in real time, without networking as recognition. With fluent English, personal and private education to go with you!

New product experience

The traditional way of learning good boring, can not adhere to? Speak let you play the game, while practicing spoken English; while each schoolmate and Biao integral, while practicing advanced promotion. The original practice English can so easily!

Innovative teaching methods

Listening to words are good, but I can't speak fluent oral English teaching? The concept of innovation, starting from the true dialogue, promote the overall improvement of vocabulary, grammar, listening and other capabilities, to help users solve real say what topic in all kinds of actual scene of dialogue, how to say the problem.

Free exercise time

Busy work, no blocks of time to practice? Speak specifically for busy "mobile gens" to create content, modular design, a few minutes to complete an exercise, fragments of time busy you convenient use to practice speaking English whenever and wherever possible.

Rich learning material

Can not find suitable for their own interest and practice material level? Conversation with fluent coverage, business life, The workplace The degree of difficulty, tourism and other types of scenes and different, systematic and progressive. Whether you are a novice or veteran English fans can find suitable learning material.

Update log

[] performance optimization fixes some B UG To learn more, smooth.


[performance] optimization fixes some bug, learning more smoothly.

Software screenshot

Download address

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