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The car set treasure car version of the v4.6.0 version of Android The car set treasure car version app download | The car set treasure car business edition The score: 8

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Software introduction

The car set treasure car business edition Jiangsu car set treasure information Polytron Technologies Inc to develop a mobile phone app, is mainly aimed at Used car Business application is divided into hand Kurumado and sell Kurumado two different roles, receiving Kurumado can directly through the app query source to determine the number of vehicles vehicles, price transparency, sell the car door hung on the app after the vehicle need to review, true to normal business, is very practical in the life of a mobile phone app, love you to download the network using green resources!

The car set treasure car version of the application

The car set treasure mobile phone Auction The client is a second-hand car auction of mobile phone application by the Jiangsu information Polytron Technologies Inc to develop the car set treasure. The car set treasure offers to help sell second-hand car auction service network, providing one-stop experience for the owners to sell cars. The car set treasure at the same time as the majority of second-hand car Distributor A large number of buyers and provide a source of high-quality car, can download and install the client view whenever and wherever possible vehicle information, participate in online auction.

 The car set treasure car version app Download

The car set treasure car version features

Rest assured : the car set treasure in a professional VPQS detection system, 1027 testing standards, to provide you with detailed second-hand car technology inspection report, and provide a clear picture of the vehicle, you buy the rest assured, do not look at the real vehicle to bid auction.

Peace of mind : the car set treasure for your entire transaction to provide security services.

Convenient You can: a large number of first-hand source of car details see the car set treasure released whenever and wherever possible, and Choice Fancy models for the auction.

The car set treasure car version features

Check your record bid and auction after the end of the recording playback.

On receiving notice and notice the car set treasure.

Login to your exclusive account, see a lot of a handcart source of detailed information and photos.

The mobile data network, whenever and wherever possible to participate in the auction, buy your favorite second-hand car.

The car set treasure car taking advantage app version

Close the car users.

The car set treasure by C2R business Model, realize the network platform to buy instant car source, a full range of second-hand car whenever and wherever possible view the massive information, construction of information bridge between the source and the R C end car end retailers. Widespread regional layout nationwide in the large and medium-sized city, giving you a second car, unbounded world.

1. vehicle detection: national assessment team, the international VPQS detection system, detection equipment inspection Po + senior appraiser, double security report 100% make accurate and comprehensive, strict quality control car source;

2. massive car source: millions of owners, provide sufficient quality guarantee for the source of car buyers;

3.: the first international science auction leading disposable closing auction mechanism, a bid, more fair and reasonable, to avoid disputes over prices;

4. multi screen linkage: Internet software development and computer, mobile phone, tablet support synchronization, acquisition of the car whenever and wherever possible;

5. financial payment: car set treasure together a number of well-known domestic electronic payment services, to create a more secure and convenient payment mechanism;

6. logistics distribution: Provide automobile logistics professional, realize the integrated operation of vehicles changduantu distribution, transshipment and retail distribution, cross regional circulation vehicle, while providing a single insurance, value-added services in transit tracking etc.;

7.: Operation Optimization for buyers to save unnecessary expenditure distribution and acquisition, operation cost and process optimization.

8. customer care: follow the market, mining customer demand; 365 days to provide telephone, website, WeChat service hotline, all day long 24 hours consultation, booking, complaints and return services.

Sell the car users.

The car set treasure with humility, good service attitude and ordered the security team owners in the car set treasure are the most efficient, comfortable, hitherto unknown car experience. At the same time, strict trading structure, the details of the security settings, a strong R & D will be able to provide one-stop solutions for the owners to sell cars.

1. experts to come: the national senior assessment team on-site testing, the internationalization of VPQS detection system, fine reflect the condition of the vehicle, ensure the vehicle value;

2. high worry: thousands of buyers online auction, directly facing the end buyers, the average price higher than the market price of 30%;

3. of everything: one-stop selling cars, homes to enjoy the most intimate safety VIP sell car service, do not run errands, save money and worry;

4. light car: 30 minutes free testing, speed auction, the car immediately turned into cash, everything is only a cup of coffee;

5.: the first international science auction leading disposable closing auction mechanism, a bid, let the owner of the car more scientific value, easy to get high prices, the average price increase of 21% platform;

6. certification authority: steam association, Taiwan designated car traffic around the platform, won the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Association, Boao Province, the steam forum, around the traffic Taiwan, Chinese annual entrepreneur and other industry awards.

7. more appointments: the owner through the car set treasure, WeChat official website, official car hotline (400-6658-000), stores can make an appointment to sell cars, many ways, what how convenient;

8.: 7 owners preferred represent the general trend, the owners of the 100 thousand options, the user satisfaction as high as 98%;

9. financial payment: car set treasure together a number of well-known domestic electronic payment services, to create a more secure and convenient car payment mechanism;

10. logistics distribution: Internet transaction, logistics to complete the transaction, the car set treasure car to provide professional logistics agency services, part of the solution to improve emission standards, licensing restrictions, the purchase of the car owners across the region area;

Common problem

The transaction is safe?

In order to ensure the safety of the vehicle of your transactions, the car set treasure will deal to provide full security service for your vehicle, appoint a person responsible for the customer's vehicle ownership documents and procedures of safety, ensure that your documents are not illegal use. In the transaction process, because if the car set treasure or dealer in the transaction process problems, the car set treasure Xianhengpeifu (except the owners conceal condition, policy change off default beam causes, force majeure clause).

How to handle the transaction procedures?

After the end of the bidding if you agree to sell, the car set treasure car sales consultant will contact you in time to confirm the delivery time and place, you only need to pay for the car set treasure store car, follow-up procedures are cumbersome turnover car set treasure for help, if you have any questions about the address or the travel route, can please call the car set treasure customer service hotline, we look forward to your arrival!

Your need to pay attention to what?

Please carry the detection of the identity card, driving license, the owner of the motor vehicle registration certificate, and commercial insurance policy. Keep the vehicle clean and stop detection in a good light, it is easier to sell at high prices! The vehicle detection system of the car set treasure of independent research and development (VPQS) can reflect the status of the vehicle. In the detection process, the car set treasure will confirm with you the vehicle inspection engineer documents and procedures for materials, ensure the accurate reflection of your vehicle information.

The car set treasure to sell a car is charged?

The car set treasure to provide free door-to-door service, free vehicle detection, the national network auction service free transfer agency services for sellers. The transfer fee, and mention the trading process of vehicle licensing fees, mill yard trading service fees are borne by the buyer.

How to choose the right way to sell a car?

1, selling second-hand car market: exaggerated vehicle defects, lower prices for many unreasonable costs, the lowest price.

2, in the 4S shop replacement by 4S shop for resale to the brokerage company, to promote the sales of new cars, car low income increase transfer profit

3, to sell the auction platform: cancel the intermediate links directly sold to the final retailer, using online auction to ensure a high price, the car speed is relatively fast, choose a regular strength of the auction platform.

4, personal selling: the price is relatively high, but individual buyers usually need to constantly look and price, sell a longer period, not anxious to sell and have time to choose a friend.

How long can I receive to sell the car?

In the process of vehicle delivery and transfer formalities completed, the first time we will fight for you. The car set treasure together a number of well-known domestic electronic payment services, payment mechanism to build cars more secure and convenient, time to ensure the safety of your funds.

Developer: Jiangsu car set treasure information Polytron Technologies Inc

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