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Baidu navigation iPhone version of the v4.7.991 version of IOS jailbreak Baidu app download | Apple navigation Baidu navigation iPhone version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Baidu Navigation The apple version 2017 The application of mobile phone navigation service launched by Baidu Inc, out essential artifact! Intelligent query line, voice prompts and real-time navigation professional. Traffic A key search information; support information surrounding life, idle away in seeking pleasure all know. Quickly download experience!

 Apple Baidu navigation Edition

Baidu navigation iPhone version features

1. affiliated venues

Parking lot entrance, etc., to more clearly

2. more route preference

Do not take the high-speed, fuel consumption, travel more Choice

3. independent escape Road

No way, not good, an escape, once and for all

4. your exclusive custom navigation voice

The sound of love, security, love transfer transfer

Baidu navigation Apple App

1, the road again? Our intervention route for you!

2, the new road opened? We update your speed!

3, the space is not enough? We have online navigation!

4, afraid of the costs of traffic? We have 0 traffic navigation!

5, tired of listening to the goddess? Come and try small fresh!

6, data upgrade ? We only update change data!

7, slow and stuttering? We will give you a silky smooth!

8, drive the inconvenient operation? Say "Hello small degree"!

9, can not use traditional navigation? We have a map mode! Used to vehicle Navigation? We have a car model!

10, hurry? We have a faster route! If the detour? We have a shorter route! Want to fuel? We have to save the route! Fear of traffic jams? We have to avoid congestion! Take the road of love? We have high priority!

Update log

V4.7.13 update:

Optimization of map data loading mechanism

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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