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A version of the Android v1.1 customized ringing tone Make a customized ringing tone download software | Make a customized ringing tone The score: 8

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Software introduction

Do a Customized ringing tone App Is a company designed for bell software, the software contains a large number of customized ringing tone type you want, what can be here to search, you can convert the input text into a powerful and very practical customized ringing tone, and intelligent, customized ringing tone alerts, so you won't miss a thing the advance, users need friends come to download network using green resources!

Make a customized ringing tone the official introduction of the application

Make a customized ringing tone software can audition online groups like advertising customized ringing tone, tone relationmanufacture customized ringing tone, online business name card sound customized ringing tone, etc.! Convenient contact online customer service, consulting related business. A model reference for the enterprise customized ringing tone, enterprise customized exclusive customized ringing tone.

 Make a customized ringing tone download software

Do a Android version of the software features customized ringing tone

The business enterprise group company customized ringing tone, customized ringing tone, customized ringing tone production.

Introduction to enterprise can be put on display products customized ringing tone, can also be displayed on the customized ringing tone.

Are all in one service for the enterprise.

A mobile phone version highlights customized ringing tone

1, the mall customized ringing tone

The user interface for collection, sharing of customized ringing tone and order.

2, customized ringing tone settings

The user can set the mobile phone or delete a first customized ringing tone, select and set up a number of customized ringing tone or customized ringing tone.

3, customized ringing tone DIY

The user can record and customized ringing tone to share.

Make a customized ringing tone application features

[character] minimalist operation display

A key to change the bell, every day can be a ring, let us more personality.

[many] classification, tailored

The bell fine classification, classic, original, cover film, animation, spoof, choose your love.

[update] colorful ring, quickly

Popular songs ringtones, updated daily 1000+, we only provide high-quality resources! "Mi month biography", "the masked singer" and many other beautiful customized ringing tone!

[function] Ringtone Maker, variety

A second creative personality ringtones, song clips, sound recording, ring signature, write a variable bell, bell playing fancy fun.

To update the content

The optimization of system performance, experience more smoothly.

Developer: Changsha work network science and technology limited company

Software screenshot

Download address

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