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Baidu navigation mobile phone version of the latest version of Android v4.7.99 2018 Download and install Baidu navigation 2018| Baidu mobile phone navigation edition 2018 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Baidu Navigation 2018 mobile phone edition Is the Baidu Inc launched vehicle The navigation application, the use of this software can be a key navigation destination, let you spend the least time to reach the fastest speed, can also search for nearby businesses, parking lot, users need to quickly download experience!

 Baidu navigation

Baidu Android navigation version features:

Driving the essential tool, Baidu navigation Qingjushulu

Heavy launch "offline online dual engine"

Download the offline data package, search navigation without traffic, pull the mobile phone card or navigation, all-weather travel good helper! Support network search, download data, not worry? It's fine too!!

Baidu navigation 2017 main functions:

1 Flow offline experience, retrieval, planning, navigation all offline, all without networking, pull the card can be;

2. massive electronic eye data, instantly alert, even strange place do not have to worry about tickets, Baidu navigation, trustworthy.

3. coverage of each big city intersection enlargement, complex road, easy to master;

Four Multi point Route planning, route can increase the destination freely in the route plan, even if you go to another place, Baidu navigation a fix.

5. "search the surrounding", surrounding the search of life, more fully meet the needs of your life,

Route 6. reasonable, precise voice guidance, give you Simple and Reliable driving navigation experience.

what is Offline navigation Data:

Offline navigation data is respectively packaged map and navigation data by province or city, available for download. You download the offline navigation data package, without networking software can be used normally. You must download a copy of the national basic package and at least one province or city of the packet to normal use Baidu navigation.

How to download and install offline navigation data?

Mobile phone client download (recommended WIFI download)

1. running Baidu navigation, click "more" - > Choice "Data management"

2. enter the "data management" page, in the "list of cities" select "national basic package", click on the download

3. then choose a city of packets such as "Hongkong", click on the download

4. in the "download management", you can view the offline data package download progress

5. download, can be viewed in the download management "

Baidu navigation official website to download and install (Android)

1. computer login Baidu navigation official website click "download offline data" button to download "the basic package" (if you have downloaded the basic package, you do not have to download), then choose a city, click on the name of the city can be downloaded;

2. and then will be downloaded to the two compression packages and, respectively, to extract the current folder:

Note: the base package and data packets will be extracted to the "BaiduNavi" folder in the process in the case of "whether to overwrite the file" click OK, the basic package and different data packet does not appear to be covered by the situation.

3. find to extract the "BaiduNavi" folder, put it in the mobile phone memory card (mobile phone mobile phone may be part of the memory of the root directory). In the process in the case of "whether to overwrite the file, click ok.

Baidu navigation official website to download and install (iPhone)

The 1. iPhone is connected to the computer, open the computer. ITunes , select your device, click on the top of the application menu ""

2. find the bottom of the page" File sharing "Function, select" Baidu navigation ", click" add ", select your before the official website to download the offline data packet (zip)

3. installation package decompression, offline map

1). If you use iTunes to import the offline data package, program is closed: import added, open the program, in accordance with the pop-up prompt decompression, install offline data package;

2). If you use iTunes to import the offline data package, program is open: import added, click "more" to "data management" at the top right of the page "import" button in the pop-up select "import offline data manual box, as shown in fig.:

In the pop-up prompt decompression, install offline data package.

Note: offline packet decompression, the installation process do not exit the software.

The client must download the Baidu navigation offline navigation data can only be used. Download offline navigation data, using all navigation functions without networking can be.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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The company is a boutique! Good mobile phone navigation, with very precise, great love!!!

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The first floor of the guest users Published: 2017/5/3 18:46:15
Baidu navigation has been used, for a mobile phone, to the next

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