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A hundred words cut mobile phone version of the v6.2.18 version of the official website of Android A hundred words cut app free download | A hundred words cut mobile phone edition The score: 8

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Software introduction

A hundred words cut Mobile phone version 2018 Is a very interesting Mobile phone back word software . Why is it interesting? A hundred words cut through the interesting pictures and sentences, to let students memorize words more easily, more effective, more easy to recite words, let the words become a pleasure. Quickly download experience!

Hundred words cut official:

Countless woman holding a sword called "Shaoxia traveled back the word", the continent is full of evil, each to have a sense of deja vu, mistakenly thought the enemy already clear around, a hanging heart will be going to fall when poachers have hit at the nub of some difficult terrain, often; let people keep hands and for a long time to keep in mind. From ancient to modern times, I do not know how many heroes wreck in this piece is called "back the word" on the risk! Shaoxia, your custom [100] words cut this sword!!

 A hundred words cut the official website to download

A hundred words cut mobile phone version features:

1.15000+ Zhang (increasing) the word card, full scene with memory, all foreigners live reading.

2. covers from low to high in each stage of vocabulary, 46 grade postgraduate, TOEFL IELTS exam GRE, a variety of mainstream!

The 3. "version and a hundred words cut to share user data, keep learning records, equipment without pressure switch.

The 4. is based on the Ebbinghaus memory curve by everyone, everyone is not so familiar but also based on the more important understanding of memory theory (Alsoby Ebbinghaus).

5. has a pattern of memory related brain cognition, not lack of consistent with the mode of self left review mechanism.

6. learning needs to keep online, but you can download the word resources through the pre, save a lot of traffic. (back in 3 days or more words in the mobile phone terminal or "end user to use this feature)

 A hundred words cut mobile phone download

Hundred words cut common problems in English learning software:

How to download the offline bag of words:
Bag of words must be downloaded in the software, recommend the use of WiFi download.

Hundred words cut gesture:
The slide to the left to find a slide down directly in front of the word, see the answer.

A hundred words cut Android version highlights

Circle []

Friends and team, join the class, with people who refuse to be cowed or submit your larger probability.

[character] bag of words

The film, animation, games, Japan and korean...... Don't count the theme, content of memorizing words with you love

The word [/TV] radio

The depth of explaining words, words in the song English found in MV. Attracted a bunch of people here Amoy song

Vocabulary [test]

Different types of separate test, accurate understanding of the reading vocabulary, listening to your vocabulary


It & voice are penned by the import of foreigners, not Ancient Chinese Literature Search English


70 seconds of war, PK will know you remember not to know

 A hundred words cut app free download


Micro-blog, app, Bug, advice, don't hesitate to flirt at any time. Is the real answer, not a robot. Thank you.

[super] list

Primary school / junior high school / grade 46 / TOEFL / IELTS / PubMed / 48 / BEC / SAT / GRE / GMAT / TOEIC / Economist / write down not

[9] consolidation mode

It sounds / listen to / fill / sonic note spelling spelling words / super combination

[words] lock screen

Fine words, unlock each can learn a word

A daily reminder []

Custom reminder back words, but also with WeChat alerts

[map] words

A word with a map, help you build words with real environment contact

Developer: Chengdu super love Technology Co. Ltd.

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