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The latest version of apache-tomcat v9.0.11 Apache-tomcat official download | Apache-tomcat The score: 8

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Software label: Apachetomcat HTTP server

Apache- Tomcat Is a very easy to use server tools, the full support of the win system of 32 bits and 64 bits, it can be a very good response to the user browsing page, HTTP with history display, welcome to download the green resources!

Apache-tomcat official introduction

The Tomcat server is a free open source Web application server, application server is lightweight, is widely used in small and medium systems and concurrent access is not a lot of places, is to develop and debug JSP programs preferred. For a beginner, you can think so, when configured Apache server on one machine, it can be used in response to HTML (an application under the Standard Generalized Markup Language) page access request.

 The official version of apache-tomcat

Apache-tomcat software

Apache Tomcat software is Java Servlet, JavaServer page, Java expression language and Java open source implementation of the WebSoSk technology. Java Servlet, JavaServer, Java and Java expression language page WebSub specification is developed in the Java community in the process of.

Apache Tomcat software is developed in the open and participation in the environment, and in the 2 version released under the Apache license. Apache Tomcat project aims to become the best developers around the world cooperation. We invite you to participate in this open development project. To learn more about participation, please click here.

Apache Tomcat software provides the power for the application of large Web key tasks across different industries and organizations. Some users and their stories are listed in Wiki Wiki page.

Apache Tomcat, Tomcat, Apache, Apache and Apache Tomcat are feather project logo is the Apache Software Foundation's trademark.

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