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IPhone version of the v1.31.1 version of the apple street basket Street basket Mobile Games IOS download | Street basket iPhone version The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Street Basket Mobile Games IOS version 3v3 is a really competitive basketball Mobile Games, which is known by the end of the tour, the same operation allows you to find the familiar feeling, Mobile Games unique gameplay lets you find everything fresh and new! The career ladder, and competition, a key to add a variety of game modes. What are you waiting for, as soon as possible to download it green resources network!

 Street basket IOS version

IPhone version of the official street basket

3V3 basketball athletic Mobile Games "street basket" the return of the king! 3V3 battle, with the tacit understanding! Spell operation! The career ladder, and competition, a key to add a variety of game modes. Virtual joystick + button easy to use; the "fadeaway" and "change to break" fancy basketball skills to reproduce the classic action; five + massive occupation players choose, to create a fair and strength for the war; variety fashion library, free collocation show street graffiti hip-hop scene with personality; BGM, challenge your visual nerve. The giant & tour together, let you relive the basketball passion to join friends to join the street basketball field, group whenever and wherever possible to open the black to create the strongest team!

Street basket Mobile Games IOS version introduction

"Street basket" Mobile Games shock coming together to play basketball. Brother!!

"Take" street basket 3V3 real-time battle system, various skills will be used five game player position through the virtual joystick + key combination, from fake, etc. to dribble breakthrough retreat, windmill dunk scores all reduction techniques. No matter what position have the irreplaceable position in the competitive 3V3 really "basket" in the street!

At the same time, built a number of the first game to tide hip-hop songs, hundreds of unique street wind and spoof fashion, everywhere there are all kinds of graffiti. The development team trying to restore a game player full of youth and sweat of street basketball! Want to keep up with the trend of self display? Enjoy music and sports fun? "Street" basket is able to meet to tide you!

With the addition of Marbury and basketball star, has a "I want to make a" basket "street" trend, here, you will be able to experience the fun of hip-hop movement in the street! Here, freedom is the only rule! What is love of street culture you hesitate? Now to join the "basket" street youth, release you!

Update log

1. to repair some of the known BUG.

2. SVIP Easy Access.

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