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Android app v7.0.3 official version of today's headlines Today's headlines free to download and install | Today's headlines app The score: 8

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Software introduction

Today's headlines The latest version Is a super practical mobile phone news client. On the same day to provide the latest hot news every day, hot early to know, 24 novel uninterrupted updates, news at any time to see, there are news video, rich connotation jokes etc.. Quickly download experience!

The official introduction

"Today's headlines" is the first class of information social applications, fast and good friends with the view of news about the world, we have published your views, the views of the world. Today's headlines, completely different from other news client and second reading software, understand your reading preferences, you seckill fragmented time.

 Today's headlines free download

Today's headlines mobile phone version features

Find popular hot - collect most users attention and forwarding and most comments

Personalized recommendation - to understand your reading habits, choose the content to suit your taste

Real time aggregation comments - Comment on the top of the polymerization, the most incisive comments

Fast, concise and exquisite flow interface, fast loading save traffic

Today's headlines app function

[source] massive content

More than 5000 polymerization site content, hot information in one hand. More than 70 thousand number for your daily headlines creation fresh exciting content, not travel the world to know.


5 seconds to calculate your interest, your exclusive customized information. Every time you step on the top, collection and forwarding form personalized user data is recorded, the headlines of learning.

 Mobile phone version of today's headlines

[HD Video]

Comprehensive video playback support cross screen, broaden your horizon. Recruit more video resources -- Connotation jokes, video news, music awards, MV live, with today's headlines is enough!

[area] wonderful interaction

Review of more than 4 million area daily message, participants in the discussion; added" Q & A "Channel - hot topic chat together, your answer There is an exchange of calls. Opinions, also to the headlines!

[attention] headline No.

The function of a key concern, attention to the headlines, you must not miss Po, each piece of information released by ta. You want to enjoy and see your love, let you fly with quality content!

Update log


Column graphic details page optimization, experience more smooth.


"Attention" to increase your attention quiz, update

We also welcome before using the update function:

Related video playing back video viewing experience more smooth optimization;

Distinguished guest chat room The overall experience tuning, welcome to more live chat, see what you think.

Developer: Beijing bytes Beating Technology Limited

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The first building of Guangdong education network users to guests Published: 2017/5/13 20:07:14
Before the Sohu news, today's headlines seem better, more timely information, news, feeling really good.

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