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Ali Wangwang v8.10.21C official version of the 2015 version of the seller The Ali Wangwang version of the official download | seller The Ali Wangwang 2015 version of the seller The score: 8

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Software introduction

Ali Wangwang Two thousand and fifteen , Ali Wangwang That is Alibaba Free online business communication software for business groups. It can help you easily find customers, publishing and management business Information; timely grasp the business opportunities, to negotiate business!


Sub account custom proportion distribution
The diversion of the new algorithm, by default the stronger ability of customer service (per unit time) the number of users are assigned to the owner, and can also be adjusted according to the actual demand of shunt ratio.
Strengthen the trading focus function
The client to modify the price, write notes and notes, a copy of the receipt preview information easy to check, before the seller service buyers really do well!
Access list increase order status
According to the different orders of state buyers are displayed in different table access list tags, buyers can always pay attention to the status of the order, to provide better and more efficient services to buyers.
A & plugin manager tool
Support ISV whole product management and application, make use of plug-in to want better user experience more open interfaces, support the application of ISV to the seller to provide better and more service.
Amoy new data
The seller are most concerned about, the most concern of the keyword, and give the corresponding data to guide the seller shops marketing operations.
The basic function of the use of
Table "people chat, message box shortcuts, add" help & opinions ", on the shortcut feedback entrance directly switch contacts. Blacklist synchronization function, the recent increase in contact roaming.

The Ali Wangwang version of the operating guidelines for the seller:

1, add friends
"Add friends" icon in the Wangwang client main interface, click into the friend search interface, enter the user name in the list, the user selected, select the need to add contacts, click the "buddy" button, such as the need to add a friend authentication, please fill in the verification information, and then click "OK" to send to each other. If the friends set does not require authentication can be added as a friend, Choice Friends will be classified group, click "OK" button to add friends will receive a system message, tell him you have to add him as a friend.
If the prompt, the user rejects by anyone add, because your friends in Ali Wangwang "system settings" - "security settings" - "Validation Settings" set up "to refuse any person as a friend and i".
Ali Wangwang (including E customer account) added daily number of friends with your certification activity, Ali Wangwang account (mobile phone number or certification Alipay Certification), trading volume reached a certain level will automatically upgrade to add friends access.
First, if you want to add more friends, you can do the following operations to enhance the authority:
1, mobile phone number authentication
2, Alipay certified
3, complete more transactions and improve the seller or the buyer's credit.
Can add up to 1024.
Note: the number of friends a E customer service sub account can be added, according to the main account have different permissions.
Wangwang group rules introduced
1, the number of group members and the group manager limited number limit:
2, the number of rules enabled group:
From the first time on Ali Wangwang started with 1 group; activity reached 5, there are 2 groups can be enabled; reach the 9 level, there are 3 groups can be enabled; reach the 18 level, there are 4 groups can be enabled. But an account can enable 4 group.
3, join the Group Limited
The 2 day, add a member number rule:
The main group or administrator can add up to every group member 50.
3, the number of the main group:
Each group has a group.
4, the difference between authority and administrator group:
Group limited sovereignty is slightly higher, can set the administrator can disable the group.
5, limit map
In all groups the most daily map 50, 10 seconds can continuously posted two pictures. Offline messages cannot receive the group picture.
6, system settings
Enter the system from Ali Wangwang main interface settings, set the daily use function.
In the basic settings System Settings > > upgrade In the upgrade mode, you can click on the update immediately want to download the latest version of the seller edition.
In the chat log settings, message alert "and" set the message record "is very important for sellers, you need to look carefully.
Security settings: (1) system Settings > > security settings Anti harassment And if the user does not want to receive spam messages, you can choose "information filtering harassment in the setting".
(2) add friends to verify the settings and modify the password all operate in security settings.
For sellers, auto reply is very important, the seller version of the unique function of automatic reply: "the first auto reply," when are in contact with more than XX when the automatic reply".
Enable working table: System Settings > Settings > in the customer service customer service settings, select "enable customer service platform mode, multiple chat windows can be made one.
In the setup interface the lower right corner of the "roaming my settings", you can set the account system of roaming, immediately replace the computer system set still exists.
7, the main interface settings
The application of "Tao" and the bottom of the shortcut bar displayed on the surface, the blue box appears when the mouse is suspended in the application options, displayed in front of the "+", "behind the show *". Display the application on the shortcut bar -".
Click the "+" application will be added to the bottom of the shortcut bar, click "" - "to" cleanse "the application of mobile TAB. The bottom of the application on the shortcut bar can drag the mobile location, for example: the application of 1 drag 3 position, the original application of 2,3 in order to move forward. But the middle of the shortcut bar can not be empty, for example: the application of only three, it can not be applied until the 5 position, 4 can not be empty.
Click the icon on the application of "delete". Application of "Tao" in TAB by default push can not be deleted; custom applications can be deleted, delete only by order page back. If in the Amoy "Tab" remove the application shortcut keys on the shortcut bar on the default will be used, together with the delete shortcut bar.

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