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Universal machine apple v1.0.1 Tinybop jailbreak version iPhone Tinybop universal machine free IOS download | Tinybop universal machine version of apple The score: 8

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Tinybop The free version of IOS universal machine Is a specially designed for users to create apple Child's game Wake up, young inventor of your heart, create your own dream machine! Love friends quickly download it to Green Resources Network

Tinybop universal machine version of that apple

"Universal machine" is the first to create Tinybop applications. Children can use their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch existing hardware and sensors to create anything they can imagine.

 Tinybop universal machine free IOS Download

Tinybop universal machine IOS version features

The children can play together (or and adults to play!) The transmitter and receiver to connect to other iPad, iPhone, iPod or Apple Watch.

Connect your device to engage in a conversation or a practical joke.

Your application on the device built-in tools and sensors: camera, microphone, speaker, screen, gyroscope and flash.

Easily drag and connect dozens of parts.

Open the children interested in programming and circuit.

The use of logic gates and route design more complex, development mental .

Update log

A small bug fixes.

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