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Recycling second-hand Android v1.1.9 version Recycling second-hand app download | Vintage recovery The score: 8

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Software introduction

Recycling second-hand app Is a collection of information for material recycling software, simple interface, intuitive features, including digital products, jewelry Jewellery Flat, computer, industrial materials and other types of second-hand goods, strong practicability, need friends to download it quickly!

Software introduction

The APP is mainly used for collecting old hand Easecredit Contains information, information, goods consignment consignment personnel information and recovery of business information, analysis found the stolen goods, stolen goods channels and Space Jam criminals.

 Recycling second-hand app

The software features

1, digital products

2, communication industrial raw materials

3, watch the notebook computer

4, gold and silver jewelry

5, mobile phone information

6, the electric bicycle

7, motor vehicle

To update the content

[] some optimization information is changed to non mandatory.

[] optimization to add new "children" type options.

Author: Zhejiang Research Institute of Public Security Technology Co. Ltd.

Software screenshot

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The 1 floor east of Tianjin Unicom ADSL users guests Published: 2014/12/5 23:23:25
Fast desktop computer management, more beautiful.

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