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Nora player qvod installed version of the official _Q V5.0.75 beta broadcast Nora 5 Download | Nora player qvod The score: 8

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Software label: Nora Qvod Q broadcast

Nora (QvodPlayer) is a domestic independent research and development of quasi video on demand (QVOD) core, multi-functional, personalized Free player Software。 Video on demand technology not only supports the independent research and development, and welcomed by the users is that he can play BT seeds, users only need to buffer 1 minutes through the side receiving side to watch rich film and television program BT.

A new architecture of the network on demand, more stable and smooth.
The new user interface, more concise style.
Re organize all of the menu, the operation is more flexible.
Audio and video formats more support, is a worthy of the name. Kmplayer .
Optimization of the powerful audio / video adjustment function.
Simplified Browser The plug-in design.
Increase the playlist and media library thumbnail display mode.
Adds a new player kernel, add video enhancement technology.
To add new qmv format support qmv format VOD can shorten the buffer time to 5 seconds.
Remove the FTP file on demand is no longer in use.
I updated the media library.

Dear users, this software has the option to install the plug-in bundle, is, if you don't want to install the plug-in to install the software, please note that when choosing, some antivirus software may report drug installation, please pay attention to the judgment.

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