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The computer version of the wizard v3.1.7.0 official the latest version of ROOT The root wizard PC version of the official download | ROOT computer version of the wizard The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: The ROOT Wizard ROOT

The root wizard PC version Is a simple and easy to use A key tool root . The advantages of software is very simple to use, beginners can use, a key to obtain root privileges, but the success rate is very high. Quickly download experience!

The ROOT Wizard

The ROOT wizard is a computer terminal mobile phone ROOT access tools, a key Root, farewell caton! It has a free installation, small volume, high success rate, support ZTE HUAWEI lenovo, Samsung HTC, and other well-known brands of mobile phone, and other domestic mobile phone brand a key ROOT, adaptation models have more than 9000, is still on the increase.

The ROOT wizard features

1. small, but very strong, only the size of 2M, and is a green version, Root capacity favorably, now supports more than 300 models of a key Root

2. simple and clear - link mobile phone, click Root one step, Root is so simple

You can brush into the 3.Root - third ROM, make your mobile phone more personality; to streamline the boot, uninstall stubborn own application!

4. covers all current Android vulnerabilities, integrated multi ROOT engine

ZTE and HUAWEI, Samsung 5. supports HTC and other domestic brands, covering Android 2.3- 4.2 more than 300 models

6. security risk free, easy to get ROOT privileges

The ROOT wizard function

Uninstall pre installed

Easily uninstall stubborn pre installed applications, custom machine operators can streamline the pure

A key brush

To obtain ROOT privileges, MIUI, hammer, Le frog as you brush

Remove ads

Clean up "redundant elements, intercept rogue application advertising


Clean boot items, reduce startup burden, accelerate

To reduce power consumption

Clean up the daemon, reduce put out the screen CPU activation behavior, increase the standby time of mobile phone

The protection of privacy

Install the authorization management, who can obtain authorization by you, do the real mobile phone owner

ROOT tutorial

Download and run
ROOT itself is a crack behavior, may cause the individual soft kill poison, if there is the case, please allow operation, added to the white list
Mobile phone connection, click on the button ROOT"
Through the USB data cable to connect your mobile phone to the computer, and then click one click ROOT button

 The root wizard PC version of the official download

 The root wizard PC version download

Wait a bit
The whole ROOT process lasts about 3 minutes, the mobile phone may restart, please wait patiently in the process do not disconnect USB mobile phone connection

 The root wizard PC version

The success of ROOT
Now you can be a key brush machine, application, clean uninstall stubborn boot ROOT... Do not only think.

 Root computer version of the wizard

Update log

V3.1.7 update:

Optimization of 1. products upgrade Mechanism;

Compatibility of red rice Note 3 mobile phone repair 2;

Repair 3. other details.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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