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Software introduction

Fast travel online accelerator Sichuan is from the fast travel network game accelerator professional network science and technology limited company launched a variety of online games, support 9000 acceleration, intelligent Choice The best node to ensure the speed of the game play, then bid farewell caton. Quickly download experience!

Fast travel online accelerator is introduced

Fast travel through the node dynamic routing adjustment, all operators to deploy, 7x24 hour network dynamic monitoring, measurement and data transfer technology, effectively solve the game player encountered in online games in the delay is too high, difficult, easily dropped problems such as login. Over the past eight years, Fast travel accelerator Has 100 million registered users, support online number has more than 9000 variety, in addition to supporting domestic games, online games and also support the service station serving the United States EU online acceleration, is the essential tools for online game player. Support acceleration: online game, Battle platform Web games, acceleration and voice.

Fast travel online accelerator characteristics

1, the third generation of intelligent multi core gaming accelerator

Fast travel online gaming accelerator full beyond ordinary agent, Network accelerator The first generation of gaming acceleration technology.

2, one button operation

Our gaming accelerator has the advantages of simple operation, simply click a button to complete the acceleration, pure fool operation.

3, Traffic monitoring Alarm

Fast travel online accelerator new traffic Monitor System, try to offer abnormal flow alarm.

4, the software is free software, can On trial 5 days.

Fast travel online accelerator function

1, for the first time, any user can experience free 5 days.

2, on the part of the game for free.

3, start the program speed, reduce memory, enhance the effect of acceleration

4, the average acceleration of more than 70% for online games, online games for the dropping rate decreased by 98%.

5 data transmission technology, efficient, accurate client acceleration.

6, the world's largest professional grade cloud acceleration platform architecture, data and operation experience.

7, the new exclusive skin function.

8, upgrade Node speed function.

9, upgrade the user local game intelligent display function.

10, new and optimized accelerated node.

Software screenshot

Download address

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