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The ball ball battle infinite love lollipop v2016 the latest version of the software The ball ball lollipop software download | for combat Ball war infinite lollipop love software The score: 8

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Game label: Ball big battle

Ball big battle Infinite love lollipop assistant Is a specially designed for the ball Game Game player design free brush lollipop love The function of the game Auxiliary tools, support, love lollipop, brush brush gold mushroom and other tools, so you can easily have many lollipops and game materials, play more relaxed fun. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

Software introduction

Ball war infinite love lollipop tool is a help ball game game player to create a lollipop software brush. Users can use this software to brush every day 5 lollipop, a week can brush 20 lollipop, copy the link into the input box, click submit to, you can also modify the ball war color say, there is a need for users to download and use.

software function

The lollipop generation

New gameplay Raiders

Most of the Games

Generation of point links.

After the generation of survival, leveling

Senior, No. share finished garments


1. input ball battle invitation link

2. click OK

3. see the effect


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