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Once the app v2.2.5 version of the Android vision Once the mobile phone download | horizon Once the horizon app The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Once the horizon mobile version is a very useful new social app, create a new social way, here you can play any role to chat, text, picture voice full support, intelligent recognition, welcome friends to download experience green resources network!

The official introduction

Once a horizon is based on artificial intelligence minimalist social applications, committed to the social return to nature, reach mood. Under the guidance of this concept, a vision to help you stay away from meaningless circle, delete unnecessary memory, get rid of unnecessary dependence, remove unnecessary camouflage. To help you open a garden from the complex life, let the happiness from heart & love minimalist.

Once the horizon app

1.: eliminate unnecessary talk diffuse camouflage, camouflage camouflage strong, mature, no longer disguised correctly...... Artificial intelligence speech recognition Mouth, recognition, facial expression recognition, your voice, beautiful, handsome, adorable pet...... Sure Choice Chat with friends in different animation image, seventy-two images can also choose the bucket diagram of various expression of movement and friends, let you return to innocence, minimalist mood.

 Once the horizon version of Android

2. reminder: 365*24 all-weather team secretary, brain U disk, edit & multimedia player, for oneself, friends and group settings / send a reminder, reminder text, voice, pictures or Small video A variety of forms. Help clear your mind, let the memory of minimalism, let the brain do innovation, creativity, imagination, and in a daze......

3. shake: Manual Intelligent voice Synthesis, a shake, a new message used to listen without looking. Artificial intelligence minimalist social tools, let the tools of minimalism, no longer do tool slaves, make you more relaxed.

Update log

Optimization of 1. communication service;

2. repair the known B UG To improve the stability of the application.

Developer: sunny warm fruit (Beijing) Technology Development Co. Ltd.

Software screenshot

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