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Knights of Valor 2 generation II version of the perfect decryption Knights of Valor 2 II game download | Knights of Valor 2 generation II The score: 8

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knights of valour The 2 generation of warlords hegemony Is a classic fun three class Single game Game mode, rich gameplay variety, the operation is simple and quick, athletic hero combo attack action cool. Come to the Green Resources Network Download experience!

Knights of Valor 2 generation II game

kov The 2 horse classic arcade action Pass game After. Arcade game Download Center Use the "Nebula2.29EX Chinese version" fully tested to run. Knights of Valor II is 2 Knights of Valor series of second versions, with a large number of new heroes: Diao Chan, Ma Chao and so on, have a more gorgeous combo and rich gameplay. The picture of the game and playability Xiaobian feel you are far more than a generation.

 Knights of Valor 2 generation II game download

The latest version of the 2 game the Knights of Valor

START armor display

Flashball run

Squat down B

To B process technology

To C (Defense plus A counter)

AB Technology (buckle blood strokes) to avoid

BC throws props

A attack & determine (pick up items)

B jump

C see props

D the use of props

Knights of Valor 2 game information

Game name: Knights of Valor 2& Knights of Valor II perfect decryption version

English Name: kinghts of Valour 2

Release date: 09 2005 12 July

Game version: hard disk version

Game type: Arcade simulation

Language: Chinese

Production company: lone dog, EBULA, Bobo three

The issuing company: lone dog, EBULA, Bobo three


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The 2 building of Guangdong education network users to guests Published: 2017/9/17 18:30:26
When I go to the game room to play, suddenly remembered this, play on the computer, the childhood classic ah!

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First Singapore guest users Published: 2014/8/31 12:04:45
The perfect break, enjoy fast play passion, cool.

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