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Driver Genius 2014 V8.0.1114.1278 version of the official installation The official website to download the driver wizard | Driver Genius 2014 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Mydrivers

from Mydrivers The 2012 version of SP4, we will open the cloud drive library based on second generation driving the plug and play technology, speed Windows Update driver cannot be found. Faster response, simple interface, and without Mydrivers Resident operation.

No need to open the main program, when you insert a new device, such as the Windows system can provide the driving, we will solve the problem for you.

No longer resides, from Mydrivers The 2012 version of SP4, we are no longer with the default operating system to start, the main program no longer resides to the lower right corner of the system.

Driver wizard version 2014 new features:

1, the new interface, new engine, new user experience;
2, the new mobile phone connection, download free game application;
3, adding more models Mobile phone driver Support;
4, driver management functions merged into the driver interface function;
5, adjust the automatic detection logic driven search more quickly;
6, driver, windows xp Software management, increase upgrade Label reminder function;

Function introduction:

Drive smoothly done or easily solved the problem
Computer equipment does not work? Can not find the driver? The driver version is too old, playing a new game is always out of the situation? This is not the thing, the driver wizard to help you fix

Quick install system patches
Operating system patches didn't play together? The lack of a variety of.Net, VC The runtime The program can not run? Driver wizard allows you to system security and stability, complete function.

Don't worry about the installed software treasure
The system just installed, need a variety of software? Driver wizard software treasure to help you achieve quickly installed a dragon to pick what software directly, fast and safe

The authenticity of the hardware detection
Professional hardware detection function, content rich, accurate. Penetrate the surface to see the essence to help you determine the hardware equipment type, JS cheats to hide.

Update log

The drive of life V8.0.612.1108 update log:

1, add the user to confirm the installation by driving assistant system components - repair tool. Net framework The function of.

2, the patch automatic correction system scanning After the "patch" button with TAB superscript scan results change problem;

3, update the garbage clean-up module.

Driver Genius 2013 7.0.1220.1543 (2014 version)
1, join the important drive upgrade prompt function, convenient user update to the latest version of the first time.
2, drive the improvement Backup and restore Under the condition of non networked logic, solve the problem can not be used to backup and restore.
3, improve the plug and play device that more convenient to download and install the driver.

The 7.0.412.1023 Version (version 2013) what's NEW
1, optimize the function details.

The 7.0.411.1022 Version (version 2013) What's New
1, repair Treasure data recovery Unable to connect to the network problem.

This version is not supported NIC driver Integrated network card driver version, to suggest that you download Http://  2012 Extended Edition (Integrated Driver Wizard Universal card driver ) 

Software screenshot

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